September 29, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com)-
I do not know the former cardiologist Guy Turcotte nor his wife Isabelle Gaston. However, I deeply despise the former doctor for four reasons, which are universal, since I personally do not know the couple. 

Reason 1: THE CHILDREN- 
When a man gives life to a child it is a gift. Some would say that parents are responsible for children throughout their lives, but me my philosophy is that from the moment when life is given to someone, this is his life completely. For a father, the primary role is to give the life. All the better if he can continue after, then this will be a supplement and a second gift. By killing her two children, Turcotte not only took back the gift of life he gave but he stole what was no longer his. 

Reason 2 : ATTACK THE WEAK – 
I agree with the argument that Guy Turcotte was deceived by his wife Isabelle Gaston and that he had reason to hate her for her relation with the gym teacher. But by killing the couple’s two children, he has attacked the wrong target. The children had nothing to do with the hassle of the couple and they could not defend themselves. If Guy Turcotte wanted revenge, he had to take it on Isabelle Gaston. It was a conflict to be settled between him and her. At worst, the punch to his wife lover was an acceptable fight, man to man. 
On this point I know something because I’m divorced. I never hated my children because my wife and I stopped loving each other. I solved the problem directly with my ex-wife… 
By killing her two children, Guy Turcotte was a coward and he hit on the weak. 

I deeply hate someone who denies itself actions. A killer who refuses to admit his actions is like a bandit who would say that he’s a priest… 
Vito Rizzuto was a more admirable than Guy Turcotte because he assumed himself, even if he played against the rules of legal justice. It remains that Rizzuto accepted the role he had chosen and he played the game according to the rules in a league that applies the same rules to all players who accepted the risks. Even the police respect a criminal who play by the rules to try to fool detectives…  Some even see a kind of intellectual challenge in the pursuit of criminals. 
By refusing to admit his true nature of killer, Guy Turcotte refused to accept his choice and he has no rules. In a sense, one might even respect him, a little, if he admitted his true nature of murderer! Someone who assumes who he is, is always somewhat a bit admirable, even if you do not accept his actions! 

Reason 4 :WASTE-
I deeply hate the waste, whether material things or human talent. 
Guy Turcotte was a great cardiologist with a unique talent. By choosing to kill his two children, he has also chosen to destroy this great talent that fate had given him. An unacceptable waste! 

That is why I deeply despise guys like Guy Turcotte and I think they have no place in our society. 
I say that I hate Guy Turcotte but it is to identify my editorial reasoning because in the true nature to me, I just do not think about the people I do not like… I ignore them! 
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September 26, 2014

Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The history of the former judge Jacques Delisle invites reflection on life… 
Beyond the question of whether or not he killed his disabled wife, it remains that the end of life for him, the judge, was unpredictable and it is worrying. 
The death of his wife, either he is or is not the direct perpetrator, also killed and put an end to his old life. One gesture and one bad decision can have consequences that are totally transforming a whole life situation. 
Formerly, Delisle had a wine cellar of over 1,000 bottles; a notebook in which he noted the details of his regular visits to the best restaurants in Quebec City; travel; status; power over society, etc… 
Today, he waits for the end of his life in prison with as the only activity to clean up the building… 
Say that he is not responsible. His fate is now even more horrible. Would he believed in his youth, when he married, when he made his bar to become a popular lawyer, when he was appointed judge and later retired and many gave him tributes gifts, that in 2014 he would clean a prison building? 
CONCLUSION: As Lucien Bouchard said in his latest film, “In life, you never know the last page of our history …” So be careful until to the end in our choices and decisions as nothing is granted and everything can change! One might call this the “unpredictability” of fate… 
A book will be released on 1 October 2014 about the life of former judge Jacques Delisle, before and after prison. 
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September 22, 2014

Welcome to the fall 2014 season. 
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September 16, 2014

Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
I just finished reading the book NOUS ÉTIONS LE SEL DE LA MER by Quebec author Roxanne Bouchard.
I first noticed this book because the chain bookstores Indigo made ​​it a “FIND OF THE SEASON” with giant posters in all its stores to promote it. But leafing through, I then noticed the name of Vital Bujold. I have a cousin by the same name who grew up in my hometown of St. Simeon de Bonaventure. I also contacted Roxanne and she said that indeed it is my cousin who was the inspiration although he is not a fisherman by trade. 
To summarize this book, lets say that the work of Roxanne is exceptional and it fits into the same category of another great author who recently wrote about Gaspesia, CLAUDINE BOURBONNAIS and MÉTIS BEACH. 
For those interested in sailing, if you’re passionate about the sea and the Gaspé Peninsula and if you like thrillers, you’ll love the book by Roxanne Bouchard. In addition, you will learn more about my personal birth place in the Bay of Chaleur… 
Photo 1: Cover of the book and author Roxanne Bouchard;
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September 11, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) –
With the beginning of September it is also the time for many to say goodbye to the cottage and summer fun on the lake… 
Many festival-goers have also returned the garden furniture inside the cottage. 
If the fall will be here soon and if the pleasures of summer are almost over, hopefully there will soon be those of autumn and then winter with skiing. 
It is always a bit nostalgic to have to say goodbye to the summer cottage and begin hibernation, but so goes the rhythm of life! 
Long live the change of seasons!
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September 11, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The trick has been known for several years. Offer a free music album and use this gesture to promote the sale of shows. The problem is that the exercise only works if the artist is well known. So for an artist with little financial means, it is too expensive to provide free album and not lose his shirt. Let’s say it’s an investment and one must have the initial financial capital to get a return on the gesture because otherwise it can become a simple gift to the public with no financial return except a personal success. The trick of the free album of U2 songs with Apple is worthy of the trick put forward by a René Angelil with Celine Dion when he was active in the music industry. But one thing is now certain for all, the future is not in record sales, whether it is a star or a nobody … 
The U2 album is interesting and well done musically. 
Picture 1: U2 ;
Picture 2: René Angélil and Celine Dion;
Picture 3: Free album cover by U2;


September 3, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
You’d think watching a movie star kind of Paul Newman… 
Tony Accurso finally agreed to answer questions from the Commission Charbonneau. A confident witness, very charming in his speech and very elegant. 
Tony Accurso is the big winner in his testimony before the Charbonneau Commission and fully controls the direction of the interview. Intellligent as an individual, friendly and attractive but whose deep and concentrated gaze also shows great determination, if not the spirit of predator capable of fighting mercilessly for survival. 
As written the newspaper LA PRESSE: one can almost hear the sound of metal when Tony stop smiling after answering a question which show the man’s character and inner strength and, above all, the rage. 
The text published in LA PRESSE sums up the character of Tony Accurso. 
To be continued… 
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September 3, 2014

Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
Tennis star Genie Bouchard has all the talent of a great athlete physically as well as having the personality of a star, pretty, intelligent and above all, she loves the world and the world loves him! Also for us, she is one of ours, a Canadian (a Quebec’s girl for several others…). 
But will she become a truly great world champion in tennis? If she lacks one talent it would be luck! 
She is reminiscent of Jacques Villeneuve during his career, and despite his great talent in motor racing he has always been unlucky to remain at the top. The Montreal accident will be remembered when he was the favorite in the race and he crashed against the wall of the bend called Quebec on ​​the first lap… 
The defeat of Genie in New York is somewhat comparable to the accident of Jacques Villeneuve. 
Is Genie will thwart bad luck? One can only wish her so and say: GO GENIE! GO! 
To be continued!
Photo 1: Eugenie Bouchard and Jacques Villeneuve;
Photos: 2, 3 and 4: Eugenie Bouchard;