LUCIE CHAGNON (1929-2014)

August 20, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( –
Lucie Chagnon, the wife of the founder of Videotron André Chagnon (86 years), died at age 85 Sunday, August 17. She suffered for several years from Alzheimer’s disease. 
A woman involved in her community but especially a deep inspiration behind the exceptional professional success of her husband who doomed love and complete trust in his wife and her advice. The couple has been married for over 65 years and had five children. 
The Videotron empire founded in 1964 by André, an electrician by training, was sold to Quebecor in 2000 because no one in the family wanted to take over from the founder. Quebecor and the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec acquired it for an investment of $ 5.7 billion in a takeover of the former monopoly that the Chagnon family had first sold to Ontario’s Rogers. Supported by the desire of the Prime Minister at the time Bernard Landry, the Caisse de dépôt who had a stake in the company opposed the sale to Rogers and created an alliance with Quebecor led by Pierre Karl Peladeau. After a period of denial, the Chagnon family had finally accepted that Quebecor became the owner of the company. 
Lucie Chagnon had many friends in the arts community that she appreciated the contact and that she has in many ways supported and helped. 
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August 19, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( – 
We should be very concerned about the conduct of the Montreal police officers who watched idly firefighters invade and destroy the city hall of Montreal along with other municipal employees forcing Mayor Denis Coderre to take refuge in his office and lock the doors. 
During these events, the police on site looked on with a smile and some even welcomed a handshake protesters… These same policemen who hit on student protesters with combat suits today do nothing against their municipal colleagues.
We live in a society with at least two weights, two measures! 
To add to the debate, the same police want to ask 7% salary increase in 2015… 
The actions of the Montreal police who supported their firefighters and other municipal employees colleagues by not intervening in the sacking of the town hall are particularly dangerous and can compare to the situation of Ferguson Missouri. It suffices of a single isolated event to totally explode the situation and cause a mass movement. There would be dozens of deaths daily by police shooting in the United States but the one of the young black in Ferguson sparked a revolt that could spread across the country. 
Montreal police have made many gestures deemed unworthy by the population, but it has always been tolerated especially the police violence against student protesters. But the devastation of the city hall of Montreal is the event that reduces to zero the police credibility and create a total loss of confidence in them. This event is the one who gets hit the pot as in Tom Wolfe’s novel THE BONFIRE OF VANITIES…
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SERGE LOSIQUE – The immortal warrior …

August 5, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The founder of the World Film Festival of Montreal, Serge Losique, could be called the “immortal warrior”… 
The character may be 83 years old but he has lost none of his determination and he intends to stay up until the end, even if he were to lose the war. But if the programming of the WFF 2014 is an decisive element, Serge Losique is heading for a second win after the first 2005 victory that he had won despite significant financial damage. 
A total of 350 feature films from 74 countries are on schedule for the WFF 2014, films that mainly highlight the various ailments and conflicts taking place around the world, almost as if the organizers of the FFM were influenced in their choice of films by their own survival situation. 
The event will run from August 21 to September 1, 2014.
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