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The opening film at the Montreal World Film Festival 2014, SALAUD, ON T’AIME directed by Claude Lelouch and starring Johnny Hallyday have a key topic: suicide. 
The film is inspired by the story of war photographer that has been Lelouch in the 50s and it is a sort of family chronicle that revolves around a prominent and rich war photographer. After moving in a beautiful residence in the Alps, the photographer maintains the fantasy to gather around him his four daughters but suicide himself when he learn that he is fatally hill.
According Lelouch, who met the Montreal media to explain his film, those who commit a suicide often chose to end their life in style rather than to live the pain of illness or other degradation. It’s a bit like a decision on how to died rather than imposed by destiny. But, if the act of suicide is a gesture that is sometimes long planned, the final action is always decided in a short time. 
Some moviegoers will probably reconcile this fiction and the recent suicide of Robin Williams who did not want to confront the disease. 
Claude Lelouch film was screened for the public at WFF 2014 and it will be available later on the big screen. 
Photos 1 and 2: Claude Lelouch at a press conference at the WFF;
Photo 3: Johnny Hallyday and Claude Lelouch;
Photo 4: Johnny Hallyday; Photo 5: Robin Williams;
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