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Lucien Bouchard returns to the forefront and a documentary about him will be broadcast on Télé-Québec Monday night August 25. 
The old feud with former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney will be discussed but it will be especially the failure of the 1995 referendum which will be the focus of the story. According to Lucien Bouchard, Quebec separation is ancient history and the momentum is finished. For this reason he does not believe that the Bloc should continue to exist or any other referendum should be held in Quebec by the Parti Quebecois as it would be lost! 
Lucien is a very charming creature (I knew him directly into two of my former lives…) but he is also a profoundly lonely man for whom friendship is a temporary concept and a gesture of politeness. For Lucien it is the idea that is important and he likes to defend his ideas. He can be described as a friendly and convincing intellectual. 
Lucien Bouchard is a wonderful man but do not expect him to be your real friend because he will become a disappointing character. Nothing serious in itself, you just have to know it… 
Brian Mulroney is not the only one who felt betrayed in his friendship with Lucien Bouchard. Pierre Peladeau father was also on the number and he have kept that feeling until his death in 1997. We could add Pierre Karl who will now undoubtedly join the group following the statements by Lucien in the documentary about the defeat of a possible future Quebec referendum… 
PHOTOS: 1, 2: Lucien Bouchard ;
PHOTOS: 3, 4: Lucien Bouchard and Brian Mulroney ;
PHOTO 5: Lucien Bouchard et madame Paul Desmarais ;
PHOTO 6: Lucien Bouchard, Pierre Péladeau and Bernard Bujold;


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