THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – 125 years of existence…

Bernard Bujold ( – 
I read a lot of newspapers in my life, but I never appreciated much a publication as The Wall Street Journal. I read The WSJ since the age of 18 years and I have never ceased since the first time. 
I appreciated their Centenary in 1989 and I even went visit the newsroom at the time when it was located at 10 Wall Street in New York (neighbor of the Stocks Exchange). 
The anniversary edition of Tuesday, July 8, 2014 was very special because it highlights 125 years of publication. This paper began as a simple four pages distributed by hand to few hundred readers (brokers) and today it is published at more than 2.2 million copies distributed worldwide. 
Congratulations to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold and The Wall Street Journal;
Photo 2 and 3: Special Edition of the Wall Street Journal;
Photo 4: Distribution Box WSJ;
See website The Wall Street Journal;


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