THE ART OF BIKE IN 2014 – Helmet bike …

By Bernard Bujold ( –
My friends often ask me if I wear a bicycle helmet? 
Until last year, I did not wear one but since this spring I adopted one! 
This is not so much the bike that has become a dangerous and life threatening activity, but people on the bike paths. We must deal with the other cyclists (some too fast, others too slow …), walkers walking occasionally in four broad without moving to bicycles, skateboards teenagers gang, many electric wheelchairs and even small motorcycles with motor gasoline… 
Finally, there is often the cracks and crevices on the aging tracks. 
In fact, wearing a helmet is almost a need for single pedestrians in the streets of the city… 
Have you try walking in a street of the city downtown around 8 o’clock in the morning or at 5 pm. It is as if we were in the middle of a stampede of wild animals. People are in a hurry and they do not hesitate to hit other people who block their passage. Or try to cross the boulevard de Maisonneuve! The bike path on this boulevard is worse than rail, cyclists being the trains… Conclusion: A good bike helmet is an urban necessity for those who want to survive in the city! 
I would add that the only safe place for cycling, and still a bit fun, is in an underground garage… 
Have a nice ride! 
Photo 1 and 2: Bernard Bujold and his bike helmet;
Photo 3: Bike in a underground garage;
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