By Bernard Bujold ( –
The summer holiday season is the season for reading! Here are my six suggestions of book I just finished or that I will read in over the next few weeks. I recommend them! 

1-  CAPITAL by Thomas Piketty (French or English) – The bedside book of many modern politicians and which seem to influence the program and the actions of Philippe Couillard or Stephen Harper…; 

2- THE NEWS – A fascinating analysis of the meaning of information in our daily lives. The book is timely especially with the transformation of paper media (LaPresse +) and the deadly crisis at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; 

3- JFK JR, GEORGE AND ME – Memories of the man who was the artistic director for George magazine created by John Kennedy jr. in 1995. A book that will appeal to both fans of John Jr. and to all those interested the creation and operation of a large paper magazine (this was before the Internet)…;  

4- THE KEY OF SOLOMON – Volume 3 of the books by Jose Rodrigues Dos Santos. A novel polar style that resembles those of Dan Brown with historical and scientific context. A book that will appeal to those who liked the first two books in the series by Dos Santos or the works of Dan Brown;

5- NO PLACE TO HIDE  (Edward Snowden) – Here is the story of the journalist who published the records unveiled by Edward Snowden about espionage by the Government of the United States around the world. A book that makes us discover that the world has become a public space or nothing is secret from governments about their citizens or those elsewhere including various political leaders ; 

6- HITLER MY NEIGHBOR – The story of a teenager who grew up in a residence in front of the apartment (condo) of Adolph Hitler where he lived before and during the War of 1940. Hitler did not show then any evidence or sign of the tyrant that he became and even many citizens everywhere admired Hitler and hoped that he be one that would end unemployment and economic crisis affecting Europe. A history lesson whose conclusion is clear: “We must be wary of politicians who promise miracles … “. 

Happy reading all and especially Happy Holidays! 

Photo 1: Coverage of works mentioned in the text;
See page suggestions books;


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