July 29, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( 
The pleasure of golf is the science of knowing accurately to measure the distance between the ball and the target field and then assess the necessary strike on the club to direct the ball on target. Obviously on paper everything is easily explained but in real life… that’s another story. Sometimes the calculation works but sometimes not… 
Fortunately, there is the cottage to rest! 
Cheers for holiday season 2014!
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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – 125 years of existence…

July 9, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( – 
I read a lot of newspapers in my life, but I never appreciated much a publication as The Wall Street Journal. I read The WSJ since the age of 18 years and I have never ceased since the first time. 
I appreciated their Centenary in 1989 and I even went visit the newsroom at the time when it was located at 10 Wall Street in New York (neighbor of the Stocks Exchange). 
The anniversary edition of Tuesday, July 8, 2014 was very special because it highlights 125 years of publication. This paper began as a simple four pages distributed by hand to few hundred readers (brokers) and today it is published at more than 2.2 million copies distributed worldwide. 
Congratulations to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! 
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THE ART OF BIKE IN 2014 – Helmet bike …

July 7, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( –
My friends often ask me if I wear a bicycle helmet? 
Until last year, I did not wear one but since this spring I adopted one! 
This is not so much the bike that has become a dangerous and life threatening activity, but people on the bike paths. We must deal with the other cyclists (some too fast, others too slow …), walkers walking occasionally in four broad without moving to bicycles, skateboards teenagers gang, many electric wheelchairs and even small motorcycles with motor gasoline… 
Finally, there is often the cracks and crevices on the aging tracks. 
In fact, wearing a helmet is almost a need for single pedestrians in the streets of the city… 
Have you try walking in a street of the city downtown around 8 o’clock in the morning or at 5 pm. It is as if we were in the middle of a stampede of wild animals. People are in a hurry and they do not hesitate to hit other people who block their passage. Or try to cross the boulevard de Maisonneuve! The bike path on this boulevard is worse than rail, cyclists being the trains… Conclusion: A good bike helmet is an urban necessity for those who want to survive in the city! 
I would add that the only safe place for cycling, and still a bit fun, is in an underground garage… 
Have a nice ride! 
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July 1, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( –
The summer holiday season is the season for reading! Here are my six suggestions of book I just finished or that I will read in over the next few weeks. I recommend them! 

1-  CAPITAL by Thomas Piketty (French or English) – The bedside book of many modern politicians and which seem to influence the program and the actions of Philippe Couillard or Stephen Harper…; 

2- THE NEWS – A fascinating analysis of the meaning of information in our daily lives. The book is timely especially with the transformation of paper media (LaPresse +) and the deadly crisis at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; 

3- JFK JR, GEORGE AND ME – Memories of the man who was the artistic director for George magazine created by John Kennedy jr. in 1995. A book that will appeal to both fans of John Jr. and to all those interested the creation and operation of a large paper magazine (this was before the Internet)…;  

4- THE KEY OF SOLOMON – Volume 3 of the books by Jose Rodrigues Dos Santos. A novel polar style that resembles those of Dan Brown with historical and scientific context. A book that will appeal to those who liked the first two books in the series by Dos Santos or the works of Dan Brown;

5- NO PLACE TO HIDE  (Edward Snowden) – Here is the story of the journalist who published the records unveiled by Edward Snowden about espionage by the Government of the United States around the world. A book that makes us discover that the world has become a public space or nothing is secret from governments about their citizens or those elsewhere including various political leaders ; 

6- HITLER MY NEIGHBOR – The story of a teenager who grew up in a residence in front of the apartment (condo) of Adolph Hitler where he lived before and during the War of 1940. Hitler did not show then any evidence or sign of the tyrant that he became and even many citizens everywhere admired Hitler and hoped that he be one that would end unemployment and economic crisis affecting Europe. A history lesson whose conclusion is clear: “We must be wary of politicians who promise miracles … “. 

Happy reading all and especially Happy Holidays! 

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