THE SOCIAL INJUSTICE – Anti-homeless spikes in Montreal…

Bernard Bujold ( – 
The debate about “Anti-homeless spikes” in front of the music store Archambault in Montreal open more than ever the debate wider on the more significant rise of the injustices in our society. Although several politicians told their indignation for the “spikes”, those metal pieces were in place for some years now and this is only the publication of the story by newspaper LE DEVOIR on Tuesday morning June 10, 2014 that caused the reaction on Tuesday afternoon… In addition, if you read the comments from the public, people and merchants who have the financial resources to read and comment in the media, we can see that the opinion is in favor for the”spikes” and against the homeless that are identified as “the problem”…  See the comment by Andre Poulain of Destination Downtown who said that it is the police to deal with homeless and that merchants have the right to enjoy their building without the presence of the homeless! 
The most serious danger by this attitude is that it is the problem of social inequalities which causes dramatic events, and really unacceptable and unfair events like those of the slaughter of Moncton. Indeed, one must have read the texts on the Facebook page of Justin Bourque to find he wrote first about injustice especially in his text on the police who ignore the driver on the way down but gives an infraction ticket for a broken light. There are other “Justin Bourque” dormant and this is what is deeply disturbing. 
THE SOLUTION: We need more compassion and better sharing of wealth, otherwise society will self-destruct itself either that we like it or not because a society is an eco-system where all the elements influence the other. The smaller bolts that will break down will also break the most powerful body….
Photo 1: Anti-homeless spikes in Montreal;
Photo 2: Justin Bourque in Moncton;
See story anti-homeless spikes Le Devoir 
See story comments on anti-homeless spikes ;

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