June 27, 2014

By Bernard Bujold –
Either that we are celebrating 20 years or running on 70 years old, the most important place on earth will always be his home region. 
For me, this place is the Gaspésie of my childhood with its sea (Bay of Chaleur) and his beautiful blue; its seagulls, beaches and boat trips; and its seasons which, if they are different from urban seasons in climate and colors, however, mark the passage of time in the same way that city in a cycle that does not really change from one year to another. Finally, in my book, the most beautiful wonder of the world is undoubtedly the famous Rocher Percé… 
There is also the “small history” of the Gaspé Peninsula. Its small political history with Gérard D. Lévesque, René Lévesque and Bona Arsenault. We could add Nathalie Normandeau… There is also the small history of communications with the CHNC New Carlisle radio and television CHAU-TV installed for a long time at the top of the mountain in Carleton. It was the heyday with Radio-Canada, long before the era of Google, Internet and wireless… 
Finally, I love the presbyteries because my mother’s sister was the servant of the priest of my village. My aunt was an excellent cook and I can say that I spent half my childhood in the kitchen of the rectory as a second residence. I keep beautiful and delicious memories… 
All that to say that it will be my birthday this Saturday June 28, 2014 and, as every year, I will be thinking of my dear Gaspésie. I will celebrate the anniversary as I feast every year since I live in the city with a fish meal and a glass of red wine to make me relive a few hours the emotions and memories of my youth and see the passage of life. 
Unfortunately, the era of the past is in the past, but the memory is eternal and I’m not a true romantic. So I’ll start to live the present moment on Sunday morning, with a certain pleasure and realistic satisfaction… Memories should also never be relived every day but only a short time to look at and only occasionally. In any case, this is sufficient for me. 
The passing of time is not romanticism but a reality, maybe the only one… 
PS. I know that fish is eaten with white wine… But for me the red wine represents the city while the fish is my childhood. By combining the two (red wine and fish), I reconcile the time of a meal both worlds of my life!
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Welcome to the Summer Season 2014

June 19, 2014

Welcome to the Summer Season 2014! 
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READING for the WEEKEND – Le Journal de Montreal and other …

June 17, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( –
I like to read some paper newspapers during the weekend and my favorite are The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal; and for his reporting on traveling and living in Europe, I sometimes read The Financial Times. I love the interviews in a restaurant with a different international personality each Saturday. Finally, to keep me connect with my local world, I always read La Presse weekend and sometimes Le Devoir. 
This morning, a neighbor who knows my former lives was asking me if I wanted the copy of the Journal de Montreal that he had brought from the store. Why this morning? Because this is today the 50th anniversary of creation of this journal (Monday, June 15, 1964) and the founder is on the cover. 
Obviously there was a time when I read Le Journal de Montreal religiously. It was my life, in another life… 
I flipped the Journal this Saturday, June 15, 2014 and I stopped on images of the party held this week in Old Montreal. It was a kind of shock but also sadness. No one from my time were present in the pictures. None of the pillars of the Journal were there! The Jean-Philippe Decarie and Yvon Laprade (financial journalists); Jean-Paul Sylvain (pioneer arts at the entertainment section), Raynald Leblanc (Photographer), Martin Pelletier (promotion), etc … PKP was not even at the party, the one who has transformed the institution! 
Obviously there was a strike and the new Journal of Montreal installed in new premises in Old Montreal is obviously “new” with a “New” team… 
But what about the pioneers? Pierre Peladeau loved pioneers of his newspaper and he had as a paternalistic relationship with its employees at the Journal de Montreal. 
In paradise, he might have found the party a bit dull and as he did during his real life when he was bored, he left the place. Pierre Peladeau probably left the ceremony before the speech by the back door… 
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PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU – Canada’s greatest heroes …

June 17, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( –
According to a scientific survey of 12,000 people to prepare celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017, the most great Canadian hero is … Pierre Elliott Trudeau! 
You can be for or against in terms of his political views but the scientific poll puts first Canadian hero. With a sample 12,000 people, this survey is particularly serious that it was focus groups to organize celebrations of the 150th. 
If there is someone disappointed with the results, we could say that Stephen Harper is not jumping for joy… 
Mr. Trudeau tops (1), followed by runner Terry Fox, the former head of NDP Tommy Douglas, the former Liberal Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, environmentalist David Suzuki, the late NDP leader Jack Layton, Mr. Macdonald, and legend Hockey Wayne Gretzky. Roméo Dallaire, the former general and former Senator who recently announced his resignation, the full list of winners (10). 
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FREEDOM – A history of 10 years about a Canadian passport

June 12, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( –
I’m free for the next 10 years, at least with my passport…
Indeed, I just got my new Canadian passport that I did renew for the maximum allowed.
A period of 10 years! It is a long period in a personal life as it is in the life of a society. What will be different in June 2024? An impossible question to answer!
But hey, I’m sure at least of some form of freedom for the next decade as a passport is all about freedom! If I get tired of Stephen Harper, Philippe Couillard or Denis Coderre, I can always pack my bags and leave the country for elsewhere.
Freedom of the passport is of course illusory but as life is an illusion, then I am free!
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THE SOCIAL INJUSTICE – Anti-homeless spikes in Montreal…

June 11, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( – 
The debate about “Anti-homeless spikes” in front of the music store Archambault in Montreal open more than ever the debate wider on the more significant rise of the injustices in our society. Although several politicians told their indignation for the “spikes”, those metal pieces were in place for some years now and this is only the publication of the story by newspaper LE DEVOIR on Tuesday morning June 10, 2014 that caused the reaction on Tuesday afternoon… In addition, if you read the comments from the public, people and merchants who have the financial resources to read and comment in the media, we can see that the opinion is in favor for the”spikes” and against the homeless that are identified as “the problem”…  See the comment by Andre Poulain of Destination Downtown who said that it is the police to deal with homeless and that merchants have the right to enjoy their building without the presence of the homeless! 
The most serious danger by this attitude is that it is the problem of social inequalities which causes dramatic events, and really unacceptable and unfair events like those of the slaughter of Moncton. Indeed, one must have read the texts on the Facebook page of Justin Bourque to find he wrote first about injustice especially in his text on the police who ignore the driver on the way down but gives an infraction ticket for a broken light. There are other “Justin Bourque” dormant and this is what is deeply disturbing. 
THE SOLUTION: We need more compassion and better sharing of wealth, otherwise society will self-destruct itself either that we like it or not because a society is an eco-system where all the elements influence the other. The smaller bolts that will break down will also break the most powerful body….
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RAFAEL NADAL – The 2014 champion at Roland Garros…

June 9, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( – 
Tennis champion Rafael Nadal won for ninth times  the tennis tournament Roland Garros, a record. 
He won the final against Novak Djokovic in 2014 by the account 3-6 / 7-5 / 6-2 / 6-4. Congratulations RAFA!
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