Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
Le Journal de Montreal published a detailed account of the moments that followed the bike accident of Pierre Karl Peladeau. 
Obviously, he could have ended his life alone on an isolated path in the forest. His death would have been even more dramatic than his sister Isabelle who recently died in a strange way and very dramatic while drowning in her car that had slipped into the lake behind her home. ( 23 November 2013 ) 
PKP fortunately survived… but he will have to recover for at least three months in a wheelchair before starting to walk. 
Here is his message posted on Facebook:
“Hello everyone, here Pierre Karl, I write to you live from my bed at the CHUS. I am photographed with my “new boss” Micheline Ouellet assistant head nurse ( she spent 40 years of her life to heal the sick, so I’m in good hands ) and thanks to the care doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, physiotherapist and attendants, I ‘m doing well despite my multiple fractures. Thank Lina Cantin who found me at the edge of the road, called 911 and managed to contact Julie on whom I could rely on to accompany me through this event. Also thank Alain Sylvain and his wife Dominique , thank you to Marc- André from Sépaq, thank you to a cyclist who luckily is also an emergency Hospital Laurentien in Sainte- Agathe (unfortunately, Julie does not remember the name of this good Samaritan. If you know let us know, we would like to thank him ). This is Julie who told me that all these people took care of me at the edge of path until the paramedics arrived. I attended the work of the National Assembly today via television and I thank the leaders who wished me a speedy recovery. Thank you for your words of encouragement . Once I have my leave , I will go in to my seat wheelchair seat of the Assembl. I give you more news soon. Thank you and good evening” – Pierre Karl
Photo 1: Isabelle Peladeau , Julie Snyder and Pierre Karl Peladeau; 
Photo 2: Pierre Karl Peladeau; 
Photo 3: Pierre Karl Peladeau and his nurse; 
See report accident ; 
See page Facebook Pierre Karl Peladeau ; 
See story archives Isabelle Peladeau death ;


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