TRAGIC FATE (1981-2014) – Mathilde Blais

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
I live in Old Montreal and I recently traveled by bicycle to a merchant on Ste-Catherine St. in Montreal. I then redid the path from the store to Old Montreal passing by the street (hill) University. I then said to myself : It’s really too dangerous to travel by bike in the city. This is dangerous for one life ! My observation was somewhat prescient ! 
On Monday (April 28,  2014 ) occurred the fatal accident on St -Denis Street… 
Her name was Mathilde Blais; she was 33 years old; she had a beautiful and useful job for society as a teacher in a primary school of Montreal (St- Henri); she was athletic and often went to work by bike. She died crushed by a truck in a tunnel on St -Denis ! Tragic fate… 
Conclusion : The city traffic is a dangerous jungle more dangerous than the real jungle… and the destiny of a life is sometimes more than tragic ! 
Photo 1 : Downtown Montreal ;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold ( );
Photo 3 : Tunnel of death on St- Denis Street, Montreal;
Photo 4: Bike ghost ;
See photo report 
See story Le Devoir fatal accident ; 
See page Facebook Mathilde Blais ;
See Obituary Mathilde Blais ;


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