QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – The Debate Night…

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
All political observers had their eyes on the leaders’ debate by political parties in Quebec (Thursday 20 March) and while some were waiting for the end hopes of Pauline Marois, others wanted a fall Philippe Couillard ? 
The two main figures of the debate were obviously Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard as they are also the two leaders leading in the polls on voting intentions. 
According to analysts in various media, Françoise David outperformed but she has no chance to be elected PM although she is the most popular as party leader… François Legault did well but his party does not win in the ridings. 
In conclusion, we can say that the loser would be Pauline Marois because she did not managed to break Philippe Couillard who defended himself well and unhurt from the confrontation. Pauline Marois moved a lot and seemed nervous and annoyed. Legault stuck Marois twice, on the issue of lost jobs and the referendum for which Marois would not say clearly that she reject it saying it will take place when citizens are ready. What is the meaning of to be ready… 
According to observers, the debate will not change the momentum of the campaign as it moves, according to all external surveys of various groups, towards a liberal breakaway and increasingly a majority government of that party. 
We’ll see the rest of the campaign but the momentum is present and it favors the party of Philippe Couillard. My prediction at this time (March 20) is a majority government of more than 75 members for the Liberals
In hockey, there is this the last minute strategy, called removal of the goalie… 
The Parti Québécois and his troops will necessarily apply this approach and try to revive a campaign that is dying since its launch. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Philippe Couillard and Pauline Marois ;
Photo 2 and 3: The four party leaders Pauline Marois , Philippe Couillard, François Legault and Françoise David;
Photo 4: Carey Price (Les Canadiens) ;
See story on debates by La Presse 
See CTV poll ;
See photos of debate (20 March) album ;


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