HILLARY CLINTON – Visiting Montreal …

By Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) – 
All Quebec politicians were at the Montreal Congress Center on Tuesday, March 18, to hear Hillary Clinton; from Pauline Marois to Philippe Couillard including Denis Coderre and Régis Labaume… 
But the conference revealed nothing new for all those who have read the book HRC as they already knew what Hillary said. 
She has not spoken in French even though she knows Quebec well often for having come often with Bill (at the beginning of their relationship… ). Bill loves Quebec in particular the Mont Tremblant where he likes the atmosphere, like many other American stars. 
But for a politician, as for many individual, see and be seen is sometimes essential… Being present at the convention was an essential for many of the 4,300 spectators … 
It seems that the payroll for Hillary was in the 6 digits and it does not begin with a 1… 
The visit Tuesday night in Montreal by the potential candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2016, Hillary Clinton, could have had a direct link with the Quebec election campaign since her husband Bill Clinton wanted to deny the independence of Quebec following the 1995 referendum but it was not discussed during the conference… 
For those interested in better understanding the character of Hillary they should read the book : HRC -STATE SECRETS AND THE REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON . The conclusion is clear: if Quebec politics (Canadian and Montreal included … ) sometimes gives the appearance of rudeness, U.S. politics is multiplied by 100 at the complexity and its harshness level.
Photo 1: Cover of the book HRC Hillary Clinton ;
Photo 2: Hillary Clinton ;
Photo 3: Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton ;
See official website Book HRC ; 
See book review of The Washington Post ;
See story La Presse ;


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