March 23, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
Several friends from my old life at Quebecor ask me why I do not support the Parti Québécois ? I will be going out again with the tape that I replay since 1998 to answer the question… 
I am a journalist by training and I started my career with René Lévesque in 1976 when I was a correspondent in the National Assembly of Quebec. I am also born in Gaspésie in a village close by to the New Carlisle of René Lévesque… 
To make a long story short, in 1991 I became the assistant to the president at Quebecor, Pierre Peladeau, and I remained there until his death on December 24, 1997. 
My main achievement was ​​to remake the public image of Peladeau, which in 1991 had a very serious problems of perception while all Jewish community of Canada and Quebec boycotted Peladeau because he has said that they took up too much space in society and that, in a sense, he admired Hitler. The magazine L’Actualité was at the center of the controversy. 
In the period two years, with a clear communication plan, I replaced the image of the president of Quebecor which he was later and still today, perceived as the number one businessmen in Quebec, a creator of jobs and the legend that we know. ( The speech line about economists and the non- job creation used today by PKP is from me, in 1991 … ) 
Immediately after the death of Pierre Peladeau in December 1997, I was fired by the new guard at Quebecor despite my desire to remain within the empire. The then new president Jean Neveu flatly refused to keep me aboard saying he did not want me because I represented too much memory and the character that Pierre Peladeau had been ! ” He wanted to make a” new ” Quebecor …” 
You can read more of the story in detail in the biographical book I wrote in 2003 and which is still available for download at: 
I never speak again to Pierre- Karl Peladeau in person since 1997 but I did not hang around either. Life went on, for him, for Quebecor as for me. Our playgrounds were simply different and distant. 
Am I a separatist ? The answer is that I’m apolitical. 
I support ideas and especially the men and women I admire. I admired Pierre Peladeau as a media mogul, I admired René Lévesque as a politician, but I also admired Pierre Trudeau for the brightness of his mind or Conrad Black for his talent also as newspaper magnate. 
Do I admire Pauline Marois? Obviously not ! 
No need to make a trial or a debate about it. I simply do not share her worldview or behavior. 
My philosophy is, however, live and let live! Pauline plays her game and has the right to live. 
On the political front, the voters will decide and I, like all others, have the right to one vote that I will give to another party, which I will decide by April 7. 
But one thing is certain, on the morning of April 8, life will continue for all: for Pauline and his troops as for Quebecor or as for me. 
Good vote! 
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau, Bernard Bujold and Lucien Bouchard ( Saguenay Lac St- Jean 1996);
Photo 2: René Lévesque ( by Bernard Bujold – 1986);
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March 20, 2014

Welcome to Spring 2014! 
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QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – The Debate Night…

March 20, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
All political observers had their eyes on the leaders’ debate by political parties in Quebec (Thursday 20 March) and while some were waiting for the end hopes of Pauline Marois, others wanted a fall Philippe Couillard ? 
The two main figures of the debate were obviously Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard as they are also the two leaders leading in the polls on voting intentions. 
According to analysts in various media, Françoise David outperformed but she has no chance to be elected PM although she is the most popular as party leader… François Legault did well but his party does not win in the ridings. 
In conclusion, we can say that the loser would be Pauline Marois because she did not managed to break Philippe Couillard who defended himself well and unhurt from the confrontation. Pauline Marois moved a lot and seemed nervous and annoyed. Legault stuck Marois twice, on the issue of lost jobs and the referendum for which Marois would not say clearly that she reject it saying it will take place when citizens are ready. What is the meaning of to be ready… 
According to observers, the debate will not change the momentum of the campaign as it moves, according to all external surveys of various groups, towards a liberal breakaway and increasingly a majority government of that party. 
We’ll see the rest of the campaign but the momentum is present and it favors the party of Philippe Couillard. My prediction at this time (March 20) is a majority government of more than 75 members for the Liberals
In hockey, there is this the last minute strategy, called removal of the goalie… 
The Parti Québécois and his troops will necessarily apply this approach and try to revive a campaign that is dying since its launch. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Philippe Couillard and Pauline Marois ;
Photo 2 and 3: The four party leaders Pauline Marois , Philippe Couillard, François Legault and Françoise David;
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HILLARY CLINTON – Visiting Montreal …

March 17, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
All Quebec politicians were at the Montreal Congress Center on Tuesday, March 18, to hear Hillary Clinton; from Pauline Marois to Philippe Couillard including Denis Coderre and Régis Labaume… 
But the conference revealed nothing new for all those who have read the book HRC as they already knew what Hillary said. 
She has not spoken in French even though she knows Quebec well often for having come often with Bill (at the beginning of their relationship… ). Bill loves Quebec in particular the Mont Tremblant where he likes the atmosphere, like many other American stars. 
But for a politician, as for many individual, see and be seen is sometimes essential… Being present at the convention was an essential for many of the 4,300 spectators … 
It seems that the payroll for Hillary was in the 6 digits and it does not begin with a 1… 
The visit Tuesday night in Montreal by the potential candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2016, Hillary Clinton, could have had a direct link with the Quebec election campaign since her husband Bill Clinton wanted to deny the independence of Quebec following the 1995 referendum but it was not discussed during the conference… 
For those interested in better understanding the character of Hillary they should read the book : HRC -STATE SECRETS AND THE REBIRTH OF HILLARY CLINTON . The conclusion is clear: if Quebec politics (Canadian and Montreal included … ) sometimes gives the appearance of rudeness, U.S. politics is multiplied by 100 at the complexity and its harshness level.
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March 17, 2014

ù Scientific research for better brain produce superhuman results and researchers are convinced that it will be possible success to make brain implants that will change the way we live. 
Brain implants for a perfect memory, improved vision and hypernormal actions may soon no longer be science fiction. The fiction from the American series “Intelligence” on CBS will soon be a reality. 
 Humans will no longer need an external computer because their brain will be an electronic computer with all the capabilities and more. If all citizens of the world will not use the technology because its high financial costs, armies and governments will do…
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Photo 2: TV Series INTELLIGENCE on CBS ;
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QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – The Godfather from the movies

March 12, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) –
I received phone calls from 4 or 5 journalists (1 francophone and 4 anglophones… ) all asking me what I think about the candidacy of Pierre-Karl Peladeau, given that I knew him when I was an executive assistant to his father.
My answer is a like a tape…
“I consider PKP to be a person highly skilled in business and if I compare father and son, both are like the characters from movies The Godfather by Puzo. Pierre Peladeau was a sort of Don Corleone (crimes less) as everyone loved and regarded him as a father figure. Pierre Peladeau motivated his employees by his simple moral support and a good word of encouragement.
Pierre Karl Peladeau is a colder manager and my experience with him is that of a leader who motivate people to do their best because one is afraid of him, rather than admiration. PKP is a bit like in temperament as Michael (Pacino) in the movie The Godfather (crimes less, always of course… ) .
In financial terms, Pierre Peladeau ran a family business while PKP is a manager of large corporation. 
Journalists asked me if PKP has always been a nationalist ?
I do not know but I think he believes that he has all qualities and skill that Marois, Drainville or Lisée might have and he said to himself why not try my luck to become Premier of Quebec one day? The challenge is not so extraordinary in itself, nor inaccessible. 
He could have chosen the Liberal Party but he have a better play with the PQ as the left sees in him a kind of savior from the right. A kind of defender for less well off financially while he is a rich one. This is the figure of the hero Batman from Gotham City or Robin Hood. The bad ones beings here for the PQ and activists, the English from the rest of Canada (ROC). 
What is however surprising is the presence of PKP in team with sovereignty as his mentor and best friend is a former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who considered himself the spiritual brother of Paul Desmarais. Mulroney was also a great friend of the father of PKP, Pierre Peladeau. One might think that Brian Mulroney supported PKP to take revenge against Stephen Harper who humiliated him and cons those who have failed Meech Lake, but I have fun here thinking aloud, without any ground with the real situation… 
Will PKP win his bet ? 
We’ll see on April 7th !
Will I am going to support him ? 
I have not talked intimately to PKP since the death of his father in December 1997… “
End of the tape !
We’ll see later, but it is obvious that the candidacy of Pierre Karl Peladeau is the star, not of the Parti Québécois but as a whole to the election. It is no longer a struggle against a Pauline Marois and a Philippe Couillard but rather separatists against the federalists. The current campaign is more than a campaign to elect a provincial government to manage a budget and service programs but there was a deep struggle with forces that are much more serious and powerful than those displayed publicly. 
People want to elect the future Godfather of Quebec …
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Don Corleone and Michael;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Brian Mulroney, Pierre Peladeau and Paul Desmarais;
Photo 3: Philippe Couillard, Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Pauline Marois;
Photo 4 and 5: Pauline Marois and his campaign bus;
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QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – Candidacy of Pierre-Karl Peladeau

March 10, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
Pauline Marois just “scored” a big goal by having as a candidate for her political party the owner of Quebecor inc. , Pierre- Karl Peladeau. But we will have to wait and see if the stunt is bringing votes at the end of the current election campaign. 
Indeed, if Pierre- Karl Peladeau is definitely a star candidate, it may also be very violent in his manager decisions and he has several ideological enemies even within the Parti Quebecois and union sector. The most obvious negative sentiment towards Peladeau is related to the lockout during almost two years at the Journal de Montreal and the elimination of nearly 200 jobs (165 eliminated on 227 employees at the beginning of the conflict). 
The response to the candidacy of PKP did not took long among opponents and many are calling Peladeau an anti-workers. Presumably all unions in Quebec and their members will be in disagreements with this bid. Pierre- Karl Peladeau will run in St -Jérôme, the Constituency that was represented by the Parliament member and former head of the Montreal police, Jacques Duchesneau . 
Personally, if I pretty much knew Pierre – Karl Peladeau while I was assistant to his father, I never talked to him intimately since the death of Pierre Peladeau in 1997. 
However, I agree with the comments written by the journalist from La Presse, Jean -Philippe Decarie, who was one of the star journalists at the Journal de Montreal before the lockout. (see text below) 
Jean -Philippe knew PKP and his father very well and his comment about the candidacy of PKP is accurate. The text describes exactly what I experienced with PKP. 
He is smarter than the average person and has a very quick wit temper for competition. In English, we call this way : “The Killer Instinct “. We can thus conclude that if Peladeau is elected, the biggest losers will be ambitious PQ militants as Bernard Drainville and Jean -François Lisée who dreamed to replace one day the current leader Pauline Marois. 
Pierre- Karl Peladeau never plays to be on the bench and it is a natural leader who knows how to win and eliminate the competition. PKP also has a particular behavior in his fights. He knows how to assess its strengths and those of his opponents and he began rarely, if ever,  a war that it would not be won in advance. Behavior experts say that this feature is characteristic of leaders. 
You could compare PKP to all major significant leaders who also have the qualities of their negative sides, and in the case of PKP, his negatives, according to me, were motivated by years of difficult relationship with his father. 
Moreover, the two political provincial parties, Liberals and PQ are currently tied in the intentions of vote according to a survey dated March 8 , which would produce another minority government as before… 
CROP- Radio Canada also believes that the arrival of Pierre -Karl Peladeau will create a net left-right division and the debate will drift to sovereignty which will disadvantage the Parti Quebecois at the final. 
The day of the decisive vote is Monday, April 7th… 
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: National Assembly of Quebec ;
Photo 2 and 3: Pauline Marois and Pierre Karl Peladeau ;
Photo 4 : Cartoon of Pierre Karl Peladeau ;
Photo 5 : Old building Le Journal de Montreal ;
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ELECTION QUEBEC 2014 – Monday April 7…

March 5, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
The target and magical figure of the current election campaign in Quebec is 63 MPs out of 125 seats for a majority. Currently with 54 members outgoing , the Parti Québécois are favorites but the Liberal Party with 49 members can also expect a majority. 
The campaign will definitely be also a referendum because the Parti Québécois hides no aspirations to achieve the separation of Quebec from Canada if he becomes majority. For this reason, it will be a struggle between the candidates of Pauline Marois against the Ottawa politiciens rather than a single fight against the aspiring political provincial Liberal Philippe Couillard. 
According to me, we will see the election of another minority government. The numbers are too tight and there is no popular wave for a party or a leader. 
But the Liberal Party could however surprise because voters do not vote ever for a leader, but against one. People will not be motivated to vote against Couillard because he was not there, but they could decide to vote against Marois and choose another option… 
In addition, the new Philippe Couillard at the launch of the campaign seems to be a much more aggressive character and winner that that the one he personified during the last month since his election as leader. 
This campaign could be an interesting and surprising race! 
And for me, I officially announce : 
” I will not be a candidate…”.
To be continued until April 7
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Photo 2: Pauline Marois, Philippe Couillard, Stephen Harper, JustinTrudeau and Thomas Mulcair ;
Photo 4 : Bernard Bujold ;
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