Bernard Bujold ( – 
Nobody is safe from this kind of situation… 
The dramatic story is the one of “the man with the hammer”, Alain Magloire (42 years), a brilliant former medical student at the Sorbonne with a Master in biochemistry who ended his life by becoming another victim of the deadly shot gun by a Montreal police officer… 
It seems that the officer who took the shot is a young policeman while other officers there, who were more experienced, one is a hero of the Dawson shootings, were trying to reason Magloire but their actions were not fast enough to prevent the fatal shooting by their young colleague. Ultimately, the survival tips to follow for Montrealers is clear: Beware of shooting by police because they use real bullets… 
Photo 1: Alain Magloire;
Photo 2, 3: Montreal Police;
See biography Magloire ; 
See story of police action on the spot ;


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