Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
The former president of the FTQ, Michel Arsenault, was the big winner of his four days in front of the Charbonneau Commission and he is a great defender of Quebec workers and the least a nationalist… He is also a proud “gaspésien” and does not hide it ! 
The downside could be the aggressive tone maintained throughout the examination by the Commission but ultimately, we can quantify the whole passage by a victory for four days to zero in favor of Michel Arsenault… 
One could also remember the passage of Michel Arsenault before the Commission Charbonneau by the final cross-examination for the Parti Québécois by lawyer Estelle Tremblay. A cross-examination in the excellence of the art. A conclusion of that examination could be that the Parti Québécois is definitely in “electoral” mode and it took advantage of the “nationalism” of Michel Arsenault to defend and enhance the reputation and integrity of the current Prime Minister Pauline Marois. 
Elections are near… 
Photo 1: Justice France Charbonneau and Michel Arsenault ;
Photo 2: Michel Arsenault, lawyer Estelle Tremblay and the First Minister Pauline Marois ;
Photo 3 and 4: Michel Arsenault ;
See Le Devoir reports 
See story next elections ;


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