By Bernard Bujold ( –
I usually offer books as gifts at Christmas… 
Books that I’ve read and appreciated. My choices are in the language of the author (in French or English) and I never offer translation, unless it is foreign works, written in a language other than French or English. I’m of the school of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who said : ” When I think, I think neither in French nor English but I think intellectually…” 
I still prefer paper books but I am not keeping them any more in a library as I did before. Today I consider the book as a magazine and if once I had nearly 5,000 books on my shelves, I have now no more than a hundred books in my possession, the others having been given to the bazaar or simply abandoned to rebus… 
For Christmas 2013 , I chose twelve books that I particularly enjoyed and that I will offer as a gift in many cases. I also photographed some of the authors of these books. Each book is exceptional and will be a very inspiring reading , meaningful and enjoyable. This was the case for me with all the books suggested here… 
1 . LE RETOURS DE L’OURS – Catherine Lafrance (Roman sobering on the environment of the planet); 
2 . AN ASTRONAUT ‘S GUIDE TO LIFE ON EARTH – Chris Hadfield ( Autobiography inspiring on the art of successful living); 
3 . POPE FRANCIS – The Wall Street Journal ( Biography captivating about the unpredictable fate of life); 
4 . IT TAKES A VILLAGE – Hillary Clinton ( A book for all parents of children); 
5 . LA FORMULE DE DIEU – José Rodrigues do Santos ( To better understand human life, its origins and reality); 
6 . PILOTE MERCENAIRE – Raymond Baker / Daniel Renaud ( Biography reminiscent of Quebec and the Gaspé Peninsula); 
7 . THE CUCKOO ‘S CALLING – J.K. Rowling ( A captivating and exciting thriller, the best I ‘ve read life); 
8 . INFERNO – Dan Brown ( A polar and a beautiful tourist travel in Italy and Europe); 
9 . BOOK OF MATHEMATICS – The New York Times ( A guide to understanding the reality of mathematics in life); 
10.WIKILEAKS – Inside Julian Assange ‘s War on Secrecy ( A look at the new world of modern communications); 
11.FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE – Conrad Black ( A history of North America that makes us fully understand that the history of Canada and Quebec is directly linked with the United States, France and England); 
12.How THE LIGHT GETS IN – Louise Penny ( A thriller starring in the same story the Montreal police (SQ) , James Bay, fraud in the construction industry and the famous Pont Champlain… ). 
 Happy Holidays 2013-2014 
Photo 1 and 2: Cover of the books;
See full literary selections;


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