ISABELLE PÉLADEAU (1958-2013) – A tragic fate…

By Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
Death by drowning of Isabelle Peladeau, Saturday November 23 – 2013, is deeply tragic because of her age and her personal situation, as well as because of the way the death occurred! 
Isabelle and I were of the same age and when I was assistant to her father, we were good friend and she often confided in me about the life of her family, her relationship with her father and her various business ventures. I can say without hesitation that she was a “very good person” !
I would also add that her greatest handicap in life has been to be a woman at a time when it was not yet fashionable. Her father would have wished otherwise because he deeply loved his children and to him, links by blood were the most important… 
Isabelle Peladeau had finally accepted her position as a woman and it was then that she told me: ” In life, there are more important things to do than making business deals…” 
In this sense, one could say that she was a success in her personal life! 
(NOTE : An autopsy will be performed on the body of the victim and the car will be analyzed by the police in an attempt to better understand the causes of drowning.) 
Photo 1: Isabelle Peladeau ;
Photo 2: Pierre Peladeau , Isabelle Peladeau , Robert Bourassa and Jean Drapeau ;
Photo 3 : Isabelle Peladeau with his family members ;
Photo 4: Aerial view of the tragedy ;
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