ELECTION 2013 MONTREAL – A race of 12 horses …

By Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) –
A mayoral race with 12 candidates is like horse racing and it is often a surprise winning horse at the finish line. This is what will probably happen in the election at the City of Montreal and the surprise horse seems to be Melanie Joly (16% surveyed ) that may to become the Official Opposition leader behind the leader at polls, Denis Coderre (39% surveyed ) who could become a minority mayor. 
If there is a conclusion is that awareness is a key element in the Montreal election campaign in 2013 and it is what hurt a candidate like Marcel Côté ( 17% surveyed ). 
The first opinion poll (7 October 2013) clearly demonstrates : more a candidate is known , the more people say they will vote for him. (see link below Leger & Quebecor Media) 
We also note clearly that several star candidates in various districts of Greater Montreal may win their seat precisely because they are known personalities, either in journalism or in the arts. This is the case of a candidate like Galia Vaillancourt who is running as an counsellor in the Mile End district of Plateau Mont- Royal. The program and policy intentions of Galia are very interesting and her environmental management skills allow her to very well understand the municipal management of the Plateau Mont- Royal but, for many as myself who knows her personally, it is the fact she is the daughter of renowned sculptor Armand Vaillancourt which holds my interest for her candidacy. One can even speculate that if Armand had run for the town hall mayor seat, he would have led a tough battle to the leading candidates as he is a artist well known especially with a reputation as a campaigner for the freedom of individuals . 
We’ll see later, but the mayoral race is well underway and all seems to unfold like a race Kentucky Derby… 
The finish line for the next mayor of Montreal will be the day of the vote on Sunday, November 3. 
Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: Departure of horses in Kentucky Dirby and City of Montreal;
Photo 2: Galia and his father Armand Vaillancourt;
Photo 3 : Shows electoral Mélanie Joly;
See Leger & Journal de Montreal ( Oct. 7, 2013 ) ; 
See page Facebook Galia Vaillancourt ; 
See page Facebook Mélanie Joly 
See page Facebook Armand Vaillancourt ;


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