JAPPELOUP – World Film Festival of Montreal 2013

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
Director Christian Duguay made a wonderful film in terms of images and the actors are excellent. Unfortunately, the film JAPPELOUP should have been identified as fiction rather a semi-biographical and it is too long (130 minutes total). 
Duguay should have presented his film as director Mathieu Roy did with his film ANOTHER HOUSE and say that he was inspired by his father, journalist Michel Roy, but that he has completely reinvented the story. He even gave a title to the film other than the name of his father. Duguay could have call his film A CHAMPION HORSE rather than Jappeloup. 
The true Olympian who inspired the story, Pierre Durand, rejected the film in France saying that he does not recognize himself in the featured character but he admits that the document is an excellent school for lovers riding. To explain his criticism of the reality of the film, Durand mentioned the example of his father, who did not die before the Olympic of 1988 as reported by the script but last year in 2012… 
The technique and the art of riding, however are well presented in the images said the Olympic champion. 
The film was released in France last spring and has attracted more than 2 million spectators and will be in theaters in Quebec on ​​September 6. 
A movie to watch for all lovers of horses and riding!
Photo 1: Displays movie Jappeloup;
Photo 2: Christian Duguay;
See story La Presse 
See story on Le Figaro 
See official website of the film 
See website of Pierre Durand ;

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