The New York Times is a victim from Internet

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The site of the New York Times was still off Wednesday afternoon (28 August 2013) almost 24 hours later and had to publish his newspaper news on an alternative site as the central facility and the site for iPad were out of service since Tuesday afternoon 3 pm. 
A group of hackers from Syria claimed responsibility for the attack. 
This situation shows the fragility of the Internet system in the world. 
This also meant, for some, a return to the old version of the paper New York Times…
Syrien hackers tried to produce the same attack on the Twitter site but because the social network had a higher level of security than New York Times, the hackers failed. 
Conclusion: Prevention is better than cure… 
Photo 1: Logo New York Times;
Photo 2: Building The New York Times;
Photo 3: iPad and The New York Times;
Photo 4: Drive The New York Times;
See story on Fox News 
See official website of the New York Times ;

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