The new book by J.K. Rowling is a bestseller …

by Bernard Bujold ( –
Several book stores in Montreal (including my favorite INDIGO) received hundreds of paper the new book by JK Rowling copies: “The cuckoo’s calling”.
I read the book in a few days and it’s really excellent. A real “page-turner” at its best. Moreover, the book has already exceeded Dan Brown’s book “Inferno” in the first position of the ranking sales in the E-Book section. It is interesting to note that the book initially signed by the nickname Robert Galbraith had received good reviews but did not sell. In London, they sold 400 copies only. Since the unveiling of the secret that the author is actually J.K Rowling, it is storm in bookstores everywhere and the editor have precipitated with the plates at the printer for reprints. It now expects to sell millions of copies. A difference that made ​​a name rather than another on the cover… 
But one conclusion remains inescapable, it is an outstanding book and it is to read! 
Photo 1: Cover of the book;
Photo 2: J.K. Rowling;
See story The New York Times ;


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