by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) –
The strong Quebec man LOUIS CYR is the star of the time now with a new biographical book in library and a movie on the big screen. 
I knew well the legend of Louis Cyr because he was a distant cousin of my mother Anita Cyr (Acadian from Gaspé Peninsula). I remember my parents telling me that Louis Cyr was the strongest man in the world! My mother even compared him to her own father: 
“It’s in the genes of Cyr …” she said. 
The story of Louis Cyr was written much but the new book is the most complete. 
My friend Ben Weider had already published in several editions a biography shorter and anecdotal which was a success but the book just published by Libre Expression is more biographical with many dates and specific locations. It will have to be seen about the appeal of the film on the audience, but the book is very captivating. 
Louis Cyr was a star of his time and he is a bit like Obelix, Quebec version… Does the strong man can become a star again in 2013? If the look by the press officer at Editions Libre Expression (Véronique Déry) is well observed, there is every reason to think so! The latter would make an excellent Falbala… 
Photo 1: Cover of Louis Cyr – Libre Expression;
Photo 2: Anita Cyr;
Photo 3: Louis Cyr and the Libre Expression Press Secretary Véronique Dery;
See official website of the book;


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