The art of aging well…

June 30, 2013

by Bernard Bujold ( –
Another year of life to my calendar… (June 2013).
A friend who wanted to give me an original gift invited me to choose the book I wanted to put at my bedside for the next year… 
I chose: Book of Mathematics by The New York Times. 
It is said that Mathematics are the most accurate of science and I believe it. I love math! 
Unfortunately, the age of a person is not really a question influenced by mathematics but by biology, a science which is not quite as accurate… 
The secret to aging well as Woody Allen said: “Basket Weaving…” 
I try to apply the philosophy of life of Woody and I continue every day to make wicker baskets! 
Thank you to all for your good birthday wishes and thoughts! 
Photo 1 and 3: Bernard Bujold;
Photo 2: Glasses Woody Allen;
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Happy Birthday Philippe Schnobb!

June 27, 2013

by Bernard Bujold ( – 
The former journalist and future candidate for the City Hall of Montreal Philippe Schnobb is celebrating today Thursday, June 27, 2013 its 49 years! 
I’ve always had great respect and admiration for the work of Philippe as host and journalist with Radio-Canada. He had the distinction of being always objective. 
The announcement that he would nominate himself as a candidate in municipal politics surprised me and created a kind of ambiguity. If he was presenting himself to be the mayor I would have voted handily for him but, according to my political beliefs, I cannot in any way agree with what Denis Coderre is representing as a politician and he is the leader of the team in which Philippe is a member. 
Fortunately, after verification, I confirmed that Schnobb is not the running mate so if Coderre is not elected mayor, Philippe will not have to give him his place. I can vote for Philippe in Ville Marie (St-Jacques) and for another Montreal mayoral candidate, which is many others will also do, I think… 
The political ambiguity is often present in election campaigns. At the federal level, I am a great admirer of the work and devotion of the young MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau. But as Prime Minister I will not vote for Thomas Mulcair because I’m a fan and admirer of Justin Trudeau and that since he was introduced for the first time in Papineau. Justin is therefore assured of my vote in the next election but since I do not live in the riding of Ruth, I will not have to choose between the two ( Justin or Ruth). 
I am also a fan of Laureen Harper but, that is another story… 
In conclusion, I would like to wish “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Philippe Schobb. One more year and he would have highlighted the fiftieth anniversary of his life by joining the City Hall, which I am convinced he will do on next November 3. 
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Photo 2: City Hall of Montreal;
Photo 3: Justin Trudeau;
Photo 4: Ruth Ellen Brosseau;
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CONRAD BLACK – Flight of the Eagle

June 25, 2013

By Bernard Bujold ( –
I took advantage of the long weekend of the Fête nationale du Québec to finish reading the recent historical work by Conrad Black “Flight of the Eagle”.
A wonderful book, full but easy to read and which provides an accurate look at the development of the whole of the North America and the rivalry between France and England as well as the United States against Europe.
The book also offers a special focus on Quebec and his reading was particularly inspiring on the weekend celebrating Quebec nationalism… All those interested in the issue of nationalism will find inspiration and answers by reading the document of Conrad Black. The first conclusion is that if France had wanted to, she could have colonized all of North America but she has preferred to place its priorities elsewhere. The British from London were more ambitious and they kept Quebec in their conquests…
Since the book concern directly the United States, we also understand better after reading it what drives this country and we can even better interpret current events as the Edward Snowden case and have a better understanding of the thinking by American politicians.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in the political situation whether it is in the World, Quebec, Canada, or even at the municipal level like Montreal as the politics of a country first begins in its towns and villages…
Happy reading!
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Photo 2: Conrad Black;
Photo 3: Plains of Abraham, Chateau Frontenac in Quebec;
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National Day of Quebec 2013

June 23, 2013

Happy National Day of Quebec on June 24, 2013… 
Photo 1: Plains of Abraham, Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.
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Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer

June 22, 2013

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) is one of the greatest modern photographers. It is interesting to note that even before the digital and iPhone Cartier-Bresson prefered small cameras for their portability and their silent, fast and discreet operation. He used a Leica M3. 
Here is an interview conducted by The New York Times. 
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SUMMER 2013…

June 18, 2013 took the lead holidays and it is gone to the lake… 
Good summer 2013 to all! 
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Photo 3: Private Lake Mont-Tremblant (Quebec);
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June 18, 2013

It was one year ago (19 May 2012) that Julian Assange took refuge inside the walls of the Embassy of Ecuador in London. wish good luck to the founder of Wikileaks. 
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