by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The businessman and philanthropist Daniel Langlois of Montreal does not like to be interviewed, but he did with LA PRESSE to express his anger on the involvement of the private Club 357C in the deliberations of the Commission Charbonneau on collusion in the construction industry in Quebec. 
The story of Daniel Langlois is captivating and it would take a whole book to fully grasp it… Langlois is a trained film director who rather to make movies invented a gadget for animated 3D film. This is how Daniel Langlois himself describes his creation as a gadget in the sense that his invention did not save life but simply improve the tools of entertainment and fun movie. 
That was in 1986 and three events led to success for its project: 
1. Financial investments from a group of Quebec artists including Yvon Deschamps to start Softimage group; 
2. The use of the gadget of Langlois by Spielberg in Jurassic Park; 
3. The purchase by Bill Gates of Softimage for which Langlois was left with a portion of approximately $ 130 million of the $ 200 million sales. 
Regarding Yvon Deschamps, he was part of a group of Quebec artists who already have the means of their risk. The singer from Beau Dommage was also in the group. Urban legend has it that an artist without much money wanted to invest $ 10,000 but to get there he would have to mortgage his house… Langlois refused because he wanted only investors who could afford to lose their investment. Langlois admits in hindsight that his creation might never have take off and the $ 200,000 of the group would have been classified simple loss. 
Jurassic Park has been the trigger for the continuation and success. 
The 357 Club of Montreal should have been a great international artist residency with a maximum of 357 members. The project had to be modified because it did not take the road on the financial plan and the establishment have finally and discreetly replaced the famous private club Le St-Denis on Sherbrooke Street which has experienced financial difficulties in 2009 and loss of memberships before to die a natural death and close its doors. 
Daniel Langlois, who I had the opportunity to meet a few times to submit a development project of mine, must suffer deeply! He is an artist, generous but demanding and foremost discreet! Very discreet! To see his project 357C associated with the Charbonneau Commission is neither more nor less than death for his institution which is ultimately a private luxury restaurant. 
According to me, he would have to wait five years before the damage is forgotten by the public, or simply change vocation and property name. But the restaurant definitely has the lead in the wing if not mortally wounded. 
In conclusion, two elements: 
1. The project I proposed to Daniel Langlois with my group of associates had not been selected…; 
2. I’ve never been invited to the famous Club 357C… 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Daniel Langlois (2012);
Photo 2: Daniel Langlois (1986);
Photo 3.4 and 5 Club 357C (photo website private club);
See story La Presse 
See Club 357C Internet website ; 
See report Liberation magazine (février 2000);


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