Nicolas Sarkozy visit to Montreal…

Nicolas Sarkozy was speaking in Montreal on Thursday, April 25 at the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. A speech with an economic and philosophical flavor to about 700 people. Nicolas Sarkozy has lost none of its style and humor. 
According to him, the continuity of the euro is essential to the survival of Europe. If the Euro implodes, the Union will explode and it will be his end. Obviously it is his conviction and he admits that he will have to see if the facts prove him right. 
According to the former French President, European countries must change their mode of governance and find ways to boost economic output. The price war and priority to the consumer must be modified in order to promote the production in factories. The challenge is huge because the problems are bigger than before, people are more demanding than ever and more media from the Internet continually seek error. 
According to Sarkozy, leadership is thinking before the other and to impose his ideas before the others. The political leader must fight against all other politicians and especially win elections. According to Nicolas Sarkozy Europe must find a new democratic model. He also believes that in times of crisis, the referendum is the most dangerous policy instruments because 9 times out of 10, a referendum ends badly. Sarkozy evidently considers it necessary to cut public spending and to reduce the expenses of the State. 
On terrorism, he believes that no country is immune and that the only option for governments is to act firmly against those responsible. 
Asked about his new life after politics, he said he knew before becoming President that this task was temporary. He says he loves politics not for political prestige but for the action and the act of deciding. He says he wants to live with passion and he bites into her new life. He also notes the fragility of life and wants to live accordingly. Nobody asked him about his love affair with Carla Bruni but everyone looking at Nicolas Sarkozy also have in mind that he is the one who attracted the beautiful Italian. Many of the participants who attended the luncheon were saying to be disappointed that she was not accompanied her husband to Montreal… 
Photo 1 and 3: Nicolas Sarkozy
Photo 2; Palais des congrès ;
Photo 4: Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni ;
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