The future of newspapers…

by Bernard Bujold ( – 
Some of the newspapers amongst the most historic and prestigious in United States are currently for sale. There is in particular a group of eight newspapers including The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times and the value would approach U.S. $ 623 million. 
The price is relatively affordable considering the U.S. $ 5 billion that Rupert Murdoch paid for The Wall Street Journal in 2007. However, one may wonder about the future of newspapers and the value of investments in this sector. 
In Quebec, the group La Presse has launched LA PRESSE+. The cost of this project would be around  $ 40 million. The public reaction to LA PRESSE+ is rather cold as many said that they are missing the old web formula but it would not be until a couple months from now that we will be able to determine if the experiment is successful or not. The new format LAPRESSE+ give great importance to advertising specifically adapted for iPad. 
One thing is sure: the newspapers industry is in total upheaval and the people in charge are searching a new mission for the newspaper industry. 
Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: The Chicaco Tribune;
Photo 2: The Los Angeles Times;
Photo 3: La Presse;
Photo 4 and 5: Printing paper journals;
See story The New York Times ; 
See analysis LAPRESSE+ by Radio-Canada (See episode April 22 Michel C Auger) ;


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