Die Happy…

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
Is it possible to die happy and be satisfied with his life? 
I often asked myself this question in recent years while several people among my acquaintances and friends faced their death. Precious friends in some cases; in others, simple acquaintance or ex-colleagues; and in some cases, enemies and professional rivals. 
The death of Pier Béland and the events of Boston bring me another opportunity to think about death. The case of the artist Pier Béland is particularly interesting. This is a singer who has fought ridicule from other artists a good part of her life and at the time of her death, she was admired and mourned by many even by those who did not care before… For her part, Pier Béland have forgiven and said to be happy! 
Following my inquiry, I conclude, however, that one cannot “die happy” because death is no more or less than the end of consciousness, so there is no more perception of happiness or unhappiness. Happiness as unhappiness are concepts belonging to life and not death. 
However, some elements could make a “happy” death and it is in the way to get there. A quick death without pain and agony, is happier than the opposite. One of the misfortunes of death is in the period preceding it. Whether we suffer physically in our body, or morally to leave our friends and property. Few people want to die and to know out the date, medically, can be disturbing, even more disturbing than the death itself. Knowing the time of our death and undergoing physical agony because of the disease is similar to a shipwreck at sea with all the meaning… 
The best death obviously is not announced. Sudden death is like turning off the light in a room (turning off life). 
Pier Béland has had a half happy death because her agony has been short. 
Does one have to forgive and ask for forgiveness for our lives before dying? 
Personally, I do not believe in forgiveness. I think rather to oblivion. So you can forget about the existence of a person and his actions. A friend of mine, now deceased, often said: “I do not have any enemy living on earth. I have them all removed by simply forgetting their existence completely out of my mind … “Ben Weider (1922-2008) My friend Ben also added that he forgot but he was not naive and if he forgot the person, he did not forget the actions so as those not to be repeated again. I always applied his philosophy in my personal life and I recommend it! 
Is there a life after death? I do not think so! But according to me, the memory and energy of a person continue to exist after his death. The memory is almost eternal! And like in the movies or theater, we will be best remembered for the conclusion. In this sense, our last achievements will be those who will become eternal in the universal memory. 
In conclusion, as you cannot really decide to die happy because we do not decide how we die, the only other option is to try to live happy, to forget the existence of those we make us unhappy and create a memory of our person that we want to be eternal beyond our death. 
In my case, I try to live by this philosophy and the day I die (distant in time I hope) I want people to remember me according to this sentence: “He was true to himself and his beliefs, and to the end, he lived happy!” 
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Photo 3: Pier Béland;
See story Pier Béland;


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