Joe Weider (1919-2013)

by Bernard Bujold ( –
Joe Weider (93 years) died Saturday, March 23, 2013 in Los Angeles. Joe and his brother Ben had popularized the training method with weights and they were the empire builders of WEIDER which was internationally recognized at the level of fitness equipment. They are also those who had invited the champion Arnold Schwarzenegger to settle in the United States and they launched his career. 
I did not know Joe who lived in Los Angeles but I was a friend of his brother Ben who died in 2008 and who led throughout his life part of the empire from Montreal. The death of Joe Weider turns a page in the history of a world success which had first started in Montreal.
Photo 1: Joe Weider;
Photo 2: Ben and Joe Weider;
Photo 3: Cover of the Weider autobiography;
See story The New York Times ; 
See book Brothers of Iron ; 
See Photo reports LeStudio1 Ben Weider ;

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