by Bernard Bujold ( – 
If there is a finding following current Charbonneau Commission hearings on the construction industry in Quebec is the obvious lack of knowledge of Italian culture by Commission officials! Anyone who has known Italians recognize in the speech of Nicolo Miliotto the original flavor and the typical old Italy. For an Italian, all life’s problems can be solved over coffee or a meal and you should never ask too many questions, because for an Italian, to be discreet is a feature that comes with birth. Some call this behavior Omerta… 
Is the witness lying? The old Italian saying responds well to the question: “To live a little, you have to cheat a little …” 
The Commission has made a strategic error by questioning the witness in French rather than Italian. Because the witness does not speak French well, you lose all the color and true thought. But it may also be the witness who chose this language for just, to cheat a little… 
“Per vivere un po, si deve imbrogliare un po.” 
“Buona giornata a tutti e viva l’Italia” 
Photo 1 and 2: Nicolo Milioto;
Photo 3: Commission Charbonneau;
See website Charbonneau Commission ; 
See comment La Presse ;


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