Pope Benedict XVI leaves the Vatican…

by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is a complete surprise and it was influenced by three possibilities: 
1. A calculated strategy of public relations; 
2. A plot of internal politics that forced the resignation; 
3. The Pope is really tired and destroyed following recent betrayal by his inner circle. 
According to me, this is option 1, a public relations game to attract attention but also demonstrate openness of the Catholic Church facing modern society. The resignation would be in the momentum of the registration of the Pope on Twitter. 
It takes some courage to disturb traditions and in a sense Pope Benedict XVI has always been an intellectual and therefore open to questioning traditions. 
The question now is who will replace him? If the theory of public relations is good, it is reasonable to infer that the next pope will be colorful. Many talk about Cardinal Ouellet who is a student and protected Benedict XVI. 
The answer by Easter. 
Photo 1-5: Benedict XVI at the Vatican;
See Paris Match report ; 
See story The New York Times ; 
See story The Wall Street Journal ;


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