Three stories of love for Christmas 2012: – Frank Stronach – Lloyd Robertson – Michelle Blanc

By Bernard Bujold ( –
I took the weekend to finish reading three books that I had on my bedside table. Autobiographies that I will offer for Christmas and all three have one thing in common: it tells a story of love.

The three books are: 

1. THE MAGNA MAN by Frank Stronach ;
2. THE KIND OF LIFE IT’S BEEN by Lloyd Robertson;

I have always admired Frank Stronach who I met when I was in Ottawa. I also supported her daughter Belinda when she was in politics. Frank had passed through Montreal when he immigrated to Canada in 1954 before settling in Ontario and building the empire auto parts MAGNA. His autobiography is more or less a guide for those who want to succeed in life despite the obstacles. His main advice: have passion for what you are doing! Without passion and “love” of his work, no success is possible. 

I’ve always been a fan of Lloyd Robertson on CTV television network and his autobiography is a true summary of the evolution of radio and television in Canada. The story of the career of Lloyd Robertson will appeal to all those who have done or are doing the job of journalist or anchor in the electronic media. Lloyd reveals in his book many hidden aspects of this world. After reading this book, the main advice is the must of having to “love” his work if you want to succeed in the profession and especially always want to learn more about the society that surrounds us. 

Michelle’s book is obviously the story of her journey and her struggle in her sex change. Two things stand out: the courage shown by Michelle to realize her desire to become the woman she should have been born, but also and perhaps more importantly, what is holding the book is the “love” between Michelle and her spouse. One can only be more loving in their own lives and of his loved ones when we read the book about Michelle Blanc. 

Photo 1: Frank Stronach, Lloyd Robertson and Michelle Blanc;
Photo 2: Cover of the three books;
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