by Bernard Bujold ( –
Geneviève Sabourin, the Quebec actress struggling with the American justice after her relationship with actor Alec Baldwin has committed a serious error and that is to be romantic rather than pragmatic. It is obvious that an international superstar like Baldwin can not be really interested in a young unknown actress. In life, nothing is free and if the offer is too good to be true, it usually is. Geneviève Sabourin was seduced by Baldwin but he did not. 
I could have find myself in the same situation as Geneviève as I have fallen in love many time with superstars that I met in my work. But I have a natural defense, I’m pragmatic and I always realized when the game was outside my qualifications. The English say: ‘Your are out of your league… ” At least three times, big stars have crossed my path and in my head I was thinking (a few hours) that maybe I was the man for the woman with whom I was sharing a little friendship . But I always reasoned quickly: I had nothing to offer to the star other than my good feelings of love, but life is not made of love and clear water… 
It is very sad that Genevieve has shattered her life because the game was unwinnable for her with Alec Baldwin. She had nothing else to offer to the great actor but love and water and, in real life, it is never enough! 
Photo 1: Genevieve Sabourin, Julie Depardieu, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario; Cecilia Batoli;
See story The New York Post ;


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