by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The biography of Michelle Blanc, the well known internet expert, is a book that tackles a non-standard subject but more and more present in today’s society: the sex change. Michelle Blanc was born a man but his genes are such that he feels his body as being that of a woman. Michelle’s biography shows that the most unusual situation are nonetheless present in our daily lives and in our neighborhood. The various testimonies are giving evidence that the exception to the rules does not really exist and that all cases considered abnormal can be found all around us, as many as normal situations. It is a matter of perception by us in face of our environment. The biography of Michelle Blanc reveals the personal journey of Michelle but also, and perhaps more importantly, morals changing in Quebec since the Duplessis Orphans in the 1960s until today in 2012. A book that is likely to become a document on film. 
A book to be read!
Photo 1: cover of the book;
Photo 2: Michelle Blanc;
See website of the book ;


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