By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The reputation and achievements of a character do not prevent hidden defects… 
The publisher Marc-Aime Guerin (83 years) is considered as a great achiever in Quebec educational publishing with GUÉRIN PUBLICATIONS. Previously, during the years 1959-60, Guérin (then aged 33) was a character symbolizing the quiet revolution for all Quebecers while his dismissal as a teacher had made headlines in all media and his action was then on the same scale as the Red Square (Carré rouge) of 2012… 
But now we learn that the great Quebecois will appear in court on October 24 for multiple sex offenses with a minor! You should have heard the victim describe the situation on the TV show hosted by Denis Lévesque… A story so incredible that it looks more like a comedy of manners… I crossed the character in 2009 when a reader of had contacted me to complain about the behavior of Marc-Aime Guerin. But I had passed on the subject to La Presse journalist because I found the story too incredible to touch it and I did not want to respond. It seems that I was mistaken because I had on hand a shocking story and a scoop…
Photo 1 et 2: Marc-Aimé Guérin ;
Voir reportage (2009) 
Voir reportage La Presse (2012) ; 
Voir texte Université de Montréal (1959) ; 
Voir récit historique (1959) ;


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