Leadership of the Quebec Liberal Party…

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
Pierre Moreau (54) will be officially a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Quebec and he will announce it Monday at 11 am on October 1st in his riding of Châteauguay. 
Moreau was Transport Minister in the government of Jean Charest. He is a lawyer and he was noted in 2000 when he represented the cities opposite to the municipal mergers. He was elected in 2003 and he says he is convinced that he can win the liberal race. 
According to political observers, the favorite Liberal leader would be ex-Health Minister Philippe Couillard (55 years). The other candidate officially nominated is former Finance Minister Raymond Bachand (65 years old on October 22) while there are serious rumors that Line Beauchamp (49 years), former Minister of Education will be in the race. Beauchamp would obviously benefit from the support of her husband Pierre Bibeau, a highly respected veteran in the Quebec Liberal Party. 
Currently, it is the former Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier who holds the interim leadership of the party and the Official opposition until the election by the delegates of a successor to Jean Charest in the early 2013. The urgency of a permanent Liberal leader is due to the possibility of a reversal of the current Government of Quebec at the National Assembly led by Pauline Marois minority with only 52 seats against 50 for the Liberals. A reversal would mean a general election… 
Photo 1: Pierre Moreau on Radio-Canada ;
Photo 2: Pierre Moreau, Philippe Couillard, Line Beauchamp and Raymond Bachand;
SEE site of the Quebec Liberal Party;

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