By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Jean Charest has turned the page and he resigned from his position as head of the Quebec Liberal Party. The date of September 4, 2012 therefore will correspond in history to his personal defeat in the county of Sherbrooke and defeat as Premier of Quebec (in addition to becoming the date of the tragedy at Metropolis), but this date is also his first electoral victory in 1984 under the colors of Brian Mulroney. I am convinced that Charest had chosen the date of the elections of 2012, taking into account the significance of the date in 1984. 
Jean Charest (54 years) has always professed a deep admiration for Mulroney, who was his political mentor, as mine also. In the case of Charest, he followed in the footsteps of his master while, I’ve changed course and drifted elsewhere… 
Jean Charest in 1984 dreamed of one day being the Prime Minister of Canada when he would be older. He came close, but he never realized his dream and becomes instead Premier of Quebec, a kind of second choice for him. Charest hold an Irish personality, like her mother, and he is very endearing with his family and friends. In 1984, he was very popular amongst the Conservative Party environment in Ottawa and he had a great sense of humor. 
The question that arises: what will happen to his future from now? To be continued… 
Photo 1: Michèle Dionne and Jean Charest;
Photo 2: Brian Mulroney and Mila (Baie Comeau September 4, 1984 by Bernard Bujold);
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold (Ottawa 1984)  ;
See biography Jean Charest;


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