REVOLT IN TUNISIA and QUEBEC – World Film Festival of Montreal 2012 –

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The documentary film DEGAGE presented at the Montreal World Film Festival by Tunisian director Mohamed Zran about the Arab Spring and the Tunisian revolt is a great movie that you can make a direct link with the student revolt and the elections of September 2012 in Quebec. 
In Tunisia, the people rebelled against the government of Ben Ali while Quebec students opposed to Prime Minister Jean Charest. In both cases, Tunisia and Quebec, activists demanded the departure of government in place, but the people were divided between those in power or change, and in the center, the police as an arbitrator using violence. 
The revolt in Tunisia was on job creation, but the democratic elections of October 2011 were held on the subject instead of religion and secularism in society. The Quebec election was called by the social debate on tuition fees, but the election campaign was conducted rather on other themes almost ignoring the students. There was election of a new government in Tunisia but economic problems have not been resolved. Here in Quebec we have to see the results of the September 4, but it is likely that the student crisis will not be resolved even with a new government and after a revolution… Stay tuned! 
Another captivating film presented at the WFF: 7 Days in Havana. This film on Cuba, a country which is historic and universal symbol of the revolution, presents a philosophical perspective on the life of its inhabitants. The film includes seven short stories, each with conclusion that often personal dreams are hard to reach and once reached, the satisfaction is not always there. A must see also for the beautiful pictures of Cuba. 
The World Film Festival continues through Monday, September 3. 
Photo 1: Movie Poster: Degage;
Photo 2: Movie Poster: 7 Days in Havana;
See movie site DEGAGE ; 
See movie site 7 DAYS in Havana  ;


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