Quebec Elections 2012 – Jean Charest majority at 70 seats…

By Bernard Bujold ( – According to the survey Léger and Léger released this Saturday, August 25, the next government will be a minority PQ with 33% of the vote against 28% for the CAQ and 27% for the Liberals. 
According to Jean Charest, the survey is totally wrong… 
One thing is certain: voters will not vote for a leader but by elimination, choosing those they do not want to see elected Prime Minister and then voting for the last remaining. 
Pauline Marois is in trouble, a week from the vote on September 4, while the stars likes Jacques Parizeau say they will not vote for Marois. 
François Legault began seriously to scare labor and he is losing support from civil servants and public sector employees. 
The winner becomes Jean Charest, by self-elimination of the other contenders by themselves. 
According to some informants, the Liberals hope to take advantage of the rejection of their opponents and their own county by county survey would state the possibility of a majority government with 70 seats. This figure would leave 55 seats to be shared among the opponents… Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: Jean Charest, Pauline Marois and François Legault;
Photo 2: Jean Charest;
See story Le Journal de Montreal ;

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