Québec Elections 2012 – Jean Charest against Pauline Marois!

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
Quebecers will choose their next government and the choice will be like a playoff hockey… 
It is impossible to predict the election winner as in hockey anything can happen, even the defeat of the favorite team. 
Now at he launch of the campaign, I would however predict that the PQ is superior because Pauline Marois opts for the team while Jean Charest appears to the forefront as a kind of star player on whom depend the victory of team. According to me, the election will be won based on the candidates and not on the leaders, as none of which is really popular with voters. In this respect, the Liberals are at a disadvantage, for the moment. The Parti Quebecois candidates are displaying several stars like Leo Bureau-Blouin, Jean-Francois Lisée, Sophie Stanke, Bernard Drainville and many others. Pauline Marois has a low profile while Jean Charest takes all the spotlight and he is not leaving much for its candidates even prestigious. 
The QCA has no chance and will only vote to break as did the ADQ in 2008. 
The last election of 2008 was the opposite with a team featuring behind Charest while the PQ leader was too much to the forefront as well as Mario Dumont. Overemphasising the leader in value is often a losing formula. 
But we will see later, and the playoffs is just beginning today officially August 1, 2012. 
In total there are 125 deputies in the National Assembly and 64 are currently from the Liberal Party, the Parti Quebecois hold 47 and 9 are of the Quebec Coalition. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Hockey Fans;
Photo 2: Young students th National Assembly of Quebec;
Photo 3: Building of the National Assembly of Quebec;
See website of the National Assembly of Quebec ;


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