Joselito Michaud and Nadia Seraiocco – The tragedy of September 11, 2001 according to a Quebec woman …

July 17, 2012

Nice interview between Joselito Michaud and Nadia Seraiocco Sunday (July 15, 2012) on Radio-Canada on September 11, 2001. 
Fate is unpredictable but it remains the fate … The important thing is to go on! 
Nadia should write a book about his experience, the story of a Quebec woman in New York during the World Trade Center tragedy! It would certainly be a bestseller … 
Note that Joselito Michaud and his show on Radio-Canada: “On prend toujours un train pour la vie” have changed their target and the host is now meeting people less well known but who have experienced a life-changing events. Interesting concept! A sort of Denis Lévesque but deluxe version … 
Photo 1 and 2: Joselito Michaud and Nadia Seraiocco;
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ZURUBA – Tam Tam Ste-Catherine Street on a Saturday afternoon …

July 16, 2012

GROUP Zuruba … 
A group of young people play drums in the heat Saturday, 14 July 2012 on Ste-Catherine in Montreal. Rather than exhausting, the music seems to give them energy to beat the scorching heat of the sun … One could summarize ZURUBA by saying that this group and its music represents life in the purest form of the human species. 
The group Zuruba offers several ways to participate in their activities. 
Photo 1, 2 and 3: Group Zuruba;
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Long Life to Summer Holidays 2012…

July 15, 2012

The art of summer vacation … 
Summer vacations are an annual tradition and they can take different ways. 
The important thing is to have fun and especially enjoy the company. 
Long Life to Summer Holidays 2012! 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold and her daughter Stephanie and Sandy (husband);
Photo 2: Stephanie and Sandy;
Photo 3: Montreal Airport;
Photo 4: Bernard Bujold;
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Pursuit and shooting in the Old Montreal … (Quay Alexendra – Museum Pointe-à-Callière)

July 14, 2012

Who said that a boat ride was quiet and romantic … 
This is not always the case in the Old Port of Montreal while a pursuit and a shootout erupted in the night from Friday to Saturday between the Montreal police and the passenger of a cruise ship that entered the Quai Alexendra. The passenger fled in his truck and he dragged a police officer for several meters before the officer manages to shot the driver that he seriously injured. 
The Commune Street opposite the Musée Pointe-à-Callière will be closed for much of the day Saturday (July 14, 2012). 
Long live the cruise passengers but beware of the noisy passengers! 
Photo 1, 2 and 3: Scene of the shooting in Old Montreal;
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The movie Omertà and René Angélil

July 13, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The film Omertà with the famous Rene Angelil is now in movie theater. I was not able to attend the movie premiere in mid-June and so I went to the public opening of July. It’s an interesting film whose story sticks fairly well to Montreal. I even recognized the restaurant owner of the film which could well be a former Montreal great restaurant owner where I went a few times. The character in the film and the restaurant owner of real life are very similar as well as their institutions. Rene Angelil, for its part is excellent in his role as well as other actors, including Stéphane Rousseau who is surprising. 
The text of The Gazette sums up the film and its filming very well.
Photo 1: Poster Film Omerta;
Photo 2: Scene of the movie with Rene Angelil;
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The name of Warwick or the mistake of one life…

July 12, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Until recently the name Warwick was synonymous with great guitars from Germany. Since Tuesday July 10, 2012, the name is now calling to mind the horrible tragedy of the murder of two children (11 and 13 years old) and the suicide of their father (48 years old) who set himself on fire in his garage. One might call the event an error in life and the refusal to forget this mistake and move on. 
The statistics are incredible regarding the killing of children by one parent after a divorce, men and women, right here in Quebec. (See article in the Journal de Montreal) What is the solution? There is no universal solution. There is one for each individual case. I personally went through a painful divorce. It was in 1991 and and I too suffered deeply the separation from my children. It was the worst pain of my life until today. However, my philosophy is live and let live, and I consider that the only life that is ours is ours no more. Faced with my divorce, I just wished good luck to my two children and tried to forget the mistake of a life that I had done which was to get married with the wrong spouse. 
My advice to parents in distress: “It is necessary to choose its wars! Do not live by proxy and especially do not try to live the life of your children. Life is too short and worse, to live the life of an other person is an impossible challenge that will lead to the loss of your own life! 
Enjoy the summer of 2012! 
Photo 1: Guitar Warwick;
Photo 2: Jocelyn Marcoux and her two children;
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Crazy Horse Paris, Montreal 2012 – A disappointing show … except the kiss!

July 12, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
I’ve always loved beautiful women and I accepted without hesitation the invitation to the show Crazy Horse Paris presented to Montreal (TNM) as part of Just for Laughs 2012. 
Conclusion: DECEPTION, DECEPTION, DECEPTION and kiss kiss! 
-First there is the music and songs that are prerecorded with several errors of the machines during the show. 
– Then there’s the staging that does not surprise us as we become quickly tired of the show. As proof, several spectators who do not return after the intermission as was the case with my neighbors at the show or even worse the many spectators yawning between the numbers… 
-Finally, the ticket price is expensive at $ 136.44 and we would expect for that price an extraordinary spectacle that raises our emotions. This is not the case, compared for example with shows like Cirque du Soleil or Lady Gaga. 
One personal consolation, I got a kiss kiss from one of the girls artists. A sort of Jessica Paré from Mad Men! I kept the kiss in memory… 
PS. The Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay seems much appreciate the Crazy Girl and he even put a photo of him and the girls on his Twitter… 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold (;
Photo 2: The girls of Creazy Horse Paris;
Photo 3: The Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay and girls of Crazy Horse Paris;
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