A Batman Story (conclusion) …

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
I went to watch the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. Admittedly this is a cinematic masterpiece. The film of 2 hours 45 minutes is well done and the pacing is perfect. The actors are outstanding (especially Catwoman – Anne Hathaway). 
Without revealing the mysteries of the film, simply mention that the real villain of the story is not the character that we believe at the start but another one who appear as the savior early in the film. Much like in real life as often our worst enemies are the people closest to us! 
Obviously, one cannot watch the movie without thinking about the horrible tragedy from Colorado. The Batman movie as the tragedy of Aurora symbolize both good and evil and the struggle between these two energies. The two subjects (Batman and Aurora) also symbolize creating heroes from normal people. Note that a scene from the film bears an uncanny resemblance to the killing of Aurora and several other scenes were inspired by the September 11, 2001 and the movement Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Finally the film ends with several options for a spinoff with either Catwoman, Robin, Batman or with these three characters together. Note that the director maintains however that there will be no Batman IV… 
If there is one great sadness around this film, which should be a unique opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the pleasures of cinema, it is the tragedy caused by the gunman in Colorado. There is no way to console ourself for the deaths of the 12 fans of Batman except to think that victims (dead as survivors) will all become heroes. Their fight against pure evil has become a legend. 
To understand the importance of the legend in human life, just go visit the traveling exhibition on death that has been around the world: TO LIFE, TO DEATH by photographer Walter Schels and his partner Beate Lakotta. You must read the statements of the people photographed before and just after death, usually very old, to say they regret on the death bed not to have realized their dreams of life and, especially, having nothing accomplished in this life that will survive their death. 
The tragedy of Aurora is deeply sad but victims have become legends, like their idol Batman, because they clashed that evil gunman and contributed to its removal from our planet earth. The tragedy also create a sort of surge of love in the world’s population who mourned the victims and their unjust departure. Die a hero to enter the legend is the most beautiful death that is because we will live eternally in the memory of survivors. To be forgotten after one death is the worst human tragedies! Moreover, it is also the conclusion of the film Batman…
Photo 1: Batman;
Photo 2: Catwoman;
Photo 3: Aurora Colorado;
Photo 4: Exposure To life, To death;
See Batman official website ;


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