The name of Warwick or the mistake of one life…

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Until recently the name Warwick was synonymous with great guitars from Germany. Since Tuesday July 10, 2012, the name is now calling to mind the horrible tragedy of the murder of two children (11 and 13 years old) and the suicide of their father (48 years old) who set himself on fire in his garage. One might call the event an error in life and the refusal to forget this mistake and move on. 
The statistics are incredible regarding the killing of children by one parent after a divorce, men and women, right here in Quebec. (See article in the Journal de Montreal) What is the solution? There is no universal solution. There is one for each individual case. I personally went through a painful divorce. It was in 1991 and and I too suffered deeply the separation from my children. It was the worst pain of my life until today. However, my philosophy is live and let live, and I consider that the only life that is ours is ours no more. Faced with my divorce, I just wished good luck to my two children and tried to forget the mistake of a life that I had done which was to get married with the wrong spouse. 
My advice to parents in distress: “It is necessary to choose its wars! Do not live by proxy and especially do not try to live the life of your children. Life is too short and worse, to live the life of an other person is an impossible challenge that will lead to the loss of your own life! 
Enjoy the summer of 2012! 
Photo 1: Guitar Warwick;
Photo 2: Jocelyn Marcoux and her two children;
See story tragedy Warwick ;
See site Facebook Jocelyn Marcoux family pictures ; 
View statistics Journal de Montreal ;

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