“The World Film Festival of Montreal 2012 will be the true culture ” said Serge Losique …

Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) crossed his path on Place des Festival in Montreal with the Founding President of the Montreal World Film Festival, Serge Losique. 
“Serge is a longtime friend but became to me a true example of human courage when organizers of other festivals in Montreal wanted to “steal” his MWFF and he defended himself to resist and to surpass those who wanted to replace him. Serge has no hard feelings and he said he had forgotten the episode of war conducted in 2005 among others by Alain Simard’s Montreal Jazz Festival, Gilbert Rozon’s Just for Laughs Festival and Daniel Langlois Sofimage and Ex-Centris. Serge Losique expressed great enthusiasm for 2012 Montreal World Film Festival which runs from August 23 to September 3. 
According Losique: “The Film Festival 2012 will be the” real “culture!” 
The MWFF 2012 will be the 36th. “ 
Photo 1 : Serge Losique;
Photo 2: Affiche MWFF 2012 ;
See website MWFF 2012 ; 
See story of the event from 2005 ;


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