Quebec elections 2012 – The place for 20 year olds…

July 30, 2012

Within hours of the announcement of the provincial election in Quebec, La Presse columnist Stéphane Laporte sums up the situation. “This election should be the one of 20 year olds like Leo Blouin-Office.” A text to read and circulate during the campaign 2012 Quebec Election. May the best win and especially Good Luck Leo! 
Photo 1: Young parliamentarians National Assembly of Quebec;
Photo 2: Leo Bureau-Blouin and his girlfriend Stephanie Zummo (photo Herby Moreau);
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Conrad Black prepares his return as a newspapers owner

July 30, 2012

The former tycoon Conrad Black prepares his return as a media owner, probably newspapers. Conrad Black writes every Saturday in The National Post, the newspaper he founded. 
Photo 1 and 2: Conrad Black;
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Olympics Games 2012 – London

July 28, 2012

The 2012 London Olympics are officially launched. 
The opening ceremony Friday, July 27 was exceptional. 
Top three most remarkable elements: 
1. The scene of the Stadium with the Olympic flame; 
2. The musical presentation of Sir Paul McCartney; 
3. The arrival of Queen Elizabeth II … parachute!
Photo 1.2 and 3: Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics;
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Quebec Election 2012 – September 4

July 28, 2012

Rumor is increasingly a reality! 
Jean Charest will trigger general elections in Quebec on Tuesday 31 July for a vote on September 4. It will launch the campaign in his riding of Sherbrooke on the occasion of his inauguration official to be held Tuesday at the Delta of the place (the room is booked). 
As they say at the casino: “Place your bets …” 
Photo 1: Jean Charest;
Photo 2: City of Sherbrooke;
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July 27, 2012

The London Olympics begin today, Friday, July 27, 2002. 
Opening ceremonies will be televised live at 4 pm in Quebec on the cable (RDS) in French with among others Richard Garneau, and English on CTV with Lisa Laflamme. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1.2 and 3: Photos Internet home pages;
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Genevieve Sabourin – The Quebec Actrice …

July 27, 2012

Genevieve Sabourin is almost to the end of her troubles against the actor Alex Baldwin, but she will have to wait until the 19th September to know whether the judge will cancel the charges made by Alex. Nevertheless Genevieve seemed to be in good shape yesterday Thursday, July 26 in New York. 
To be continued 
Photo 1.2: Genevieve Sabourin in New York July 26, 2012;
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Léo Bureau-Blouin, the politician…

July 26, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
The future politician Leo Bureau-Blouin is not only the star of the hour and probably a future MP but he is also in love … 
My friend Herby Moreau published in La Presse this morning (Thursday, July 26, 2012) a photo (Scoop) of Leo with his girlfriend Stephanie Zummo. The couple has been together for a year and Stephanie is a management student. Note that the couple will celebrate its first anniversary on August 1, the same day as the call for the election by Jean Charest! 
Long live the loves and the politics! 
Photo 1: Leo Bureau-Blouin (photo Bernard Bujold);
Photo 2: Leo Bureau Blouin and her friend Stephanie Zummo (Photo Herby Moreau);
Photo 3: Leo Bureau-Blouin and Pauline Marois;
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