Age is a matter of perception …

By Bernard Bujold ( –
Thank you to all for your good wishes on the occasion of my birthday on June 28, 2012! 
The age of a person is fundamentally a matter of perception. And as time change, the more we go back to square one… 
Personally I will be a “grandfather” on October 2 (2012) while my daughter Stephanie Bujold-Dalton (St John, New Brunswick) will have a little girl (baby). His brother David Bernard (installed in Moncton) will be “Uncle”… 
It’s like a throwback to the days when I was in my twenties when I myself was a new parent. 
All those familiar with Italy, especially Venice and Europe, you’ll love the book I just finished, THE FAMILY by Mario Puzo. I read it on the recommendation of Alain Crevier Radio-Canada (journalist for religious programs). This is the fictionalized account of the life of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia 1492). According to Crevier, who knows well the Vatican, this book is the best story he read on the papal environment. He was speaking following the recent revelations of betrayal in the entourage of the current Pope Benedict XVI. The proof of this book is very clear: life is a cycle and nothing really changes except the specific of the moment that we are either in 1400 or 2012. Reading this book, one can also understand the like Jean Charest and his companions whether here in Quebec, Canada, Russia or Syria. Found even in Puzo’s novel the escapades of a modern Dominique Strauss Khan or vicious murders like those of Dr. Guy Turcotte or butcher Magnola NDG. There are of course many marriages and weddings… 
In conclusion: “Over time, the perception changes and this is the only thing that changes in life, physically and intellectually! The rest is immutable because life is an eternal circle …” 
Thank you again to all for your good wishes… 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold and team;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold with the novel The Family by Mario Puzo;
See photo allbum Birthday Party ;


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