The policeman Jacques Duchesneau

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
I know very well Jacques Duchesneau who was once my companion horse riding on the Mount Royal; a friend of my mentor Ben Weider (1923-2008); and the owner of a former police officer who was living with “my sister” for some years. 
Jacques is in the depths of his soul a “career policeman” who never accepted his defeat as candidate for mayor of Montreal in 1998. He does not understand that voters chose Pierre Bourque. The explanation is simple: he made the same mistakes that Mario Dumont who could have become Prime Minister if he had been more “conciliatory”. Besides, Jacques Duchesneau has stopped talking to me and he cut all contacts around 2009 when I tried to convince him that Pierre Bourque was a good guy… 
Jacques is very “milk soup” and, as in the case of Mario Dumont it is his weak point! Clearly Jacques Duchesneau takes advantage of the Commission Charbonneau to settle scores. 
The question: Is there going to have charges against him (by the Charest government) for illegally disclose its confidential report to the CBC? If we were in the United States, Jacques Duchesneau would run in the next provincial election in Quebec!
To be continued…
Photo 1 and 2: Jacques Duchesneau;
See editorial La Presse ; 
See photo report Jacques Duchesneau ;


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