By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Being a victim of piracy (hacking) is always scary. But there are ways to overcome ANONYMOUS… 
To summarize the facts: I received a Facebook friend request from a stranger who among his friends was a member of Facebook under the name of Peter Martin, but with three pictures of me in his profile… Oops! 
Fortunately, I am comfortable with the Internet and everything that is posted on my various social sites is available for public distribution. But it is still very disturbing that a member uses Facebook and all my personal photos to identify himself! 
I immediately called all my computer friends and we concluded that somebody was creating a fake site to exploit another person and eventually benefit monetarily from it. So I have put forward various computer search techniques while establishing a direct contact with the person who was friends with the intruder. This person has giving me the whole secret, a false Facebook member had tried to seduce her and try to extract money until she became aware of the plot. What was the error of the wicked robber? He used a picture of me with the logo in the background on the bike! The victim then used the name until she found me and my site. Conclusion: The perfect crime does not exist… 
NOTES: For those interested by this story, here more details. The intruder had established a relationship on Facebook and was texting with the victim for over a week. The victim believed the person was the one from the pictures. There are several other pictures including the bike that are only in the personal message box of the victim and not on the Facebook site of the brigand. When he asked for financial assistance as a favor, the victim then asked for proof of identity to discover that the creator of was actually her internet lover… An old trick used by several brigands. It happened on Facebook, but the victim would be in Burbank, California. I did not put all the correspondance details in my text because it does not serve the story but it is well documented. 
It remains now to catch the famous brigand… 
Photo 1: The false Bernard Bujold in Anonymous;
Photo 2: Photo of the bike with the logo;
Photo 3: The real Bernard Bujold (;
See site Facebook Peter Martin ;


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