Age is a matter of perception …

June 28, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( –
Thank you to all for your good wishes on the occasion of my birthday on June 28, 2012! 
The age of a person is fundamentally a matter of perception. And as time change, the more we go back to square one… 
Personally I will be a “grandfather” on October 2 (2012) while my daughter Stephanie Bujold-Dalton (St John, New Brunswick) will have a little girl (baby). His brother David Bernard (installed in Moncton) will be “Uncle”… 
It’s like a throwback to the days when I was in my twenties when I myself was a new parent. 
All those familiar with Italy, especially Venice and Europe, you’ll love the book I just finished, THE FAMILY by Mario Puzo. I read it on the recommendation of Alain Crevier Radio-Canada (journalist for religious programs). This is the fictionalized account of the life of Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia 1492). According to Crevier, who knows well the Vatican, this book is the best story he read on the papal environment. He was speaking following the recent revelations of betrayal in the entourage of the current Pope Benedict XVI. The proof of this book is very clear: life is a cycle and nothing really changes except the specific of the moment that we are either in 1400 or 2012. Reading this book, one can also understand the like Jean Charest and his companions whether here in Quebec, Canada, Russia or Syria. Found even in Puzo’s novel the escapades of a modern Dominique Strauss Khan or vicious murders like those of Dr. Guy Turcotte or butcher Magnola NDG. There are of course many marriages and weddings… 
In conclusion: “Over time, the perception changes and this is the only thing that changes in life, physically and intellectually! The rest is immutable because life is an eternal circle …” 
Thank you again to all for your good wishes… 
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Welcome to Summer 2012

June 20, 2012 welcome the summer season 2012. To everyone, a great summer! 
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The legacy of Steve Jobs and the rebirth of Microsoft …

June 19, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( –
The death of Steve Jobs will have change Apple completely. Jobs magic touch seems to have cleared and the new MacBook Pro Retina is proof that the company has changed direction. The Retina is a device too expensive for the market and offers less than the conventional pro MacBok. It is replacing the MacBook Pro 17. Microsoft’s launch of the Tablet “THE SURFACE” will compete Apple directly in the field of iPad. One will have to see the quality of the device available in the fall with Microsoft Windows 8 and above all, its price. In conclusion, we must admit that Steve Jobs was a magician … For those interested in the subject there are two books: STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson and as complement: APPLE INSIDE by Adam Lashinsky. (Both books are available in French translation)
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Jean Charest – Elections 2012 …

June 18, 2012

Jean Charest launched his 2012 election campaign … 
Will he be the Nicholas Sarkozy of Quebec? If so, then that will become the François Hollande of Quebec? 
To be continued… 
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The sandy beach of the Old Port of Montreal

June 18, 2012

The Old Port of Montreal opened its sandy beach to the public. Unfortunately, there is no pool of water and one can only look at the river and passing boats. In a sense, one could call the place “sandbox” rather than beach.This the place will be popular?Personally I do not believe because you have to pay $6 entry fee… It exists all around beautiful free spaces under trees and near water basins in which one can even soak his feet. Why pay $ 6 to sit in a sandbox without water than a few steam showers? To be continued … / 
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Real hacking by the Government…

June 18, 2012

The real hacking is done by the Governments and you need big money to do it. As an example: To capture bin Laden, the US Government send thousand of little digital camera in Pakistan’s stores, each of them with a bug inside capable to trace where the image from each camera was made by the user and then trace where was bin Laden. Other governments are doing the same tricks… That’s real hacking, better than any Anonymous could do! 
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June 15, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Being a victim of piracy (hacking) is always scary. But there are ways to overcome ANONYMOUS… 
To summarize the facts: I received a Facebook friend request from a stranger who among his friends was a member of Facebook under the name of Peter Martin, but with three pictures of me in his profile… Oops! 
Fortunately, I am comfortable with the Internet and everything that is posted on my various social sites is available for public distribution. But it is still very disturbing that a member uses Facebook and all my personal photos to identify himself! 
I immediately called all my computer friends and we concluded that somebody was creating a fake site to exploit another person and eventually benefit monetarily from it. So I have put forward various computer search techniques while establishing a direct contact with the person who was friends with the intruder. This person has giving me the whole secret, a false Facebook member had tried to seduce her and try to extract money until she became aware of the plot. What was the error of the wicked robber? He used a picture of me with the logo in the background on the bike! The victim then used the name until she found me and my site. Conclusion: The perfect crime does not exist… 
NOTES: For those interested by this story, here more details. The intruder had established a relationship on Facebook and was texting with the victim for over a week. The victim believed the person was the one from the pictures. There are several other pictures including the bike that are only in the personal message box of the victim and not on the Facebook site of the brigand. When he asked for financial assistance as a favor, the victim then asked for proof of identity to discover that the creator of was actually her internet lover… An old trick used by several brigands. It happened on Facebook, but the victim would be in Burbank, California. I did not put all the correspondance details in my text because it does not serve the story but it is well documented. 
It remains now to catch the famous brigand… 
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The policeman Jacques Duchesneau

June 15, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
I know very well Jacques Duchesneau who was once my companion horse riding on the Mount Royal; a friend of my mentor Ben Weider (1923-2008); and the owner of a former police officer who was living with “my sister” for some years. 
Jacques is in the depths of his soul a “career policeman” who never accepted his defeat as candidate for mayor of Montreal in 1998. He does not understand that voters chose Pierre Bourque. The explanation is simple: he made the same mistakes that Mario Dumont who could have become Prime Minister if he had been more “conciliatory”. Besides, Jacques Duchesneau has stopped talking to me and he cut all contacts around 2009 when I tried to convince him that Pierre Bourque was a good guy… 
Jacques is very “milk soup” and, as in the case of Mario Dumont it is his weak point! Clearly Jacques Duchesneau takes advantage of the Commission Charbonneau to settle scores. 
The question: Is there going to have charges against him (by the Charest government) for illegally disclose its confidential report to the CBC? If we were in the United States, Jacques Duchesneau would run in the next provincial election in Quebec!
To be continued…
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Judge Jacques Delisles found guilty of murder …

June 15, 2012

For the first time in Canadian history a judge of the superior court was convicted of murdering his wife. Judge Jacques Delisle Québec is guilty of first degree murder… 
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Bob Rae leaves … Justin Trudeau is coming …

June 13, 2012

Complete surprise at the federal Liberals: BOB RAE WILL NOT RUN FOR LEADERSHIP … 
Justin Trudeau is the favorite in the leadership race to be held next year in the spring of 2013. 
Stay tuned! 
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